The Ripple Effect Is Proud To Present The Premiere Of Jaded Truth's New Video "Lapse In Judgement"!


“This song conjures an atmosphere of loneliness & isolation in a dreamscape reminiscent of Pink Floyd & The Cure” 


About JADED TRUTH - TAKE A SEAT Release date: NOV 25 2022 

This is our third album in a trilogy of music which explores the darker sides of our reality... On Rx, we took a journey into insomnia & addiction. 

The themes of the next album Tsukimono, were more spiritual & paranormal... 

With "Take a Seat" we are making a commentary on the current state of the world. With the pandemic & political/social unrest, it feels like society is collapsing around us.... 

"Take a Seat" and watch it fall... The album has elements of grunge, punk & heavy metal... also a couple more melodic tracks 


01- Worthless Meek 

02 - A City Drowned 

03 - Pork Product 

04 - Cancel Me 

05 - Lapse In Judgement 

06 - Nothing Much 

07 - Riders 

08 - Governbent 

09 - Sinking Deep 

10 - Rotto's Modern Life 

11 - Why? 

12 - Red Sky/Dark Rye 


Jaded Truth formed in 2019 in St John's Newfoundland. It all began when Kyle Woodland & Aaron Jones were looking for a drummer after the demise of their previous band. They soon recrutied Michael Small behind the kit and began writing songs. Influenced by the 90's bands of seattle such as Nirvana & Alice in chains, jaded truth has a heavy & dirty sound with influences of punk & metal. 

2020 the band released their debut album Rx, which was a concept album about insomnia & addiction. They soon followed up in 2021 with Tsukimono which was mastered by legendary grunge producer Jack Endino 

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