The Xroadie Files

Under- Training Resource #5

Matt Franklin – Bass/Vocals, Andy Preece – Drums/Vocals, Simon Mayo – Guitar/Vocals


Introductions And Apologies slamming thrashing tearing at your very being heavy music. Dope Loop crunchy riffs demonic vocals with pounding rhythms that try and crush your skull. Dividers In Hell hit the pit slam sweat and thrash about till you drop. My War grabs you by the throat and punches you in the face.



Shardana – Milli Annos

Daniele Manca – Guitar, Luca Littera- Bass, Aaron Tula – Vocals, Michele Sanna – Drums, Lorenzo Mariani – Guitar


Echoes the music envelops you as it pulls you into darkness and madness. Bastard Blood pounding crashing riffs that just slither and slice at your soul. A World With No Gods shredding thrashing pounding thundering metal mayhem. S'Arruina De Is Deus hit the pit slam sweat mosh and get your aggression out. Tanit opens the pits of hell as demons slide forth and devour all. Bellum Sardum thrashing death metal madness. Josto crunchy riffs pounding drums thundering bass with gruff vocals. Reus Pater hard heavy death metal that just devours your very being. Inghitzu tribal beats crunchy riffs great vocals with screaming guitars.



Hell Riders – First Race

Davide Girardi- Vocals, Caterina La Chimia – Bass, Riccardo Marcassa – Guitar, Angelo Cislaghi – Drums


Turbolizer fast hard heavy fist pumping metal mayhem. Ghost Rider chugging riffs screaming leads soaring vocals and thundering rhythms. Soldier Of Steel shredding guitars thundering bass pounding drums with great vocals. Dragon Power stand fist pump foot stomp and play air guitar to a rocking tune. Mechanics Armada chugging riffs scorching leads soaring vocals with pounding drums and thumping bass. Destination Mankind just let the metal music envelop your very soul. Queen Of Death crunchy guitars powerful vocals thundering rhythms that just pull you in. Aviator catchy riffs searing leads with fist pumping rhythms. B.T.K. fast hard and heavy hold on for your life. Beyond Death crunchy fats guitars pounding drums thumping bass with soaring vocals.



Tammatoys – Conflicts

Kjetil Bergseth – Vocals,/Keyboards/Guitar, Øystein Utby – Bass, Simon Dolmen Bergseth- Guitar, Bjørn David Dolmen-Guitar, Ragnar Aasen Utby-Guitar, Martin Utby- Drums, Ørnulv Brun Snrtheim - Guitar


I Will Follow just close your eyes and take an interesting prog rock musical journey. Downfall close your eyes and let your imagination take you away on a magical musical journey with amazing musicianship. Politics floating on a cloud of memories and melodies. The Conflict (Part 1) lost in the depths of your dreams. Time soft emotional music that has you drifting in your dreams.



Little Hole Filled – And The Ants Still March On

Philipp Diesenreiter – Vocals,/Guitar, Thomas Breiteneder – Drums, Otto Hackl – Guitar Manfred Steininger - Bass


And The Ants Still March On b crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with a catchy groove and searing leads Boneyard Blues slow grinding slithering metal stoner music. Giving Birth To A Planet crunchy riffs pounding rhythms and strong vocals. Coyote Howling pounding drums thundering bass crushing guitar riffs just fist pump and head bang along. Trippozoid thundering drums pounding bass with stoner rock vocals that just slide along inside your senses. Sprout slow moving slithering tones that just envelop your soul with scorching leads. Weiße Wänd fast hard heavy fist pumping metal.