The Xroadie Files

Angel's Whisper – The Battle
Freddy Mazzucco -Guitars, Live In Usa for over a decade)Producer, Songwriter, Influences (Journey/Dio/Whitesnake/Night Ranger/Revlution Saints/Bad English/Hardline/Giant) Nathalie Pellissier -Vocals, Alain Rinallo -Bass, Marcus Weymaere -Drums, Ludo Catalfamo -Keyboards

Am I Going Crazy scorching leads catchy rhythms amazing vocals just get up and rock out with some amazing musicianship. Drifting Away just close your eyes and drift in your dreams. Elsewhere stand sway and swing as the music envelops your very being. I Should Have Known sitting around an open fire just flowing with the melodies. I Wish I Knew Then catchy blues hard rock that just pulls you in and wont let go. Join Me on your feet with a catchy rhythm soulful vocals and searing leads with a thumping bass. Rock Is A Mountain High grab your air guitars and just rock out with a song that sticks in your head for days. The Battle take one awesome musical journey thru your imagination The Phone Call will have the entire crowd on its feet grooving and singing along. Wake Me Up crunchy guitars pounding drums thumping bass soaring soulful vocals and searing leads with melodic keyboards. We Belong catchy riffs that just envelops your senses. You And I close your eyes and just let the music take you away in your dreams.

313 (Three Thirteen) - Gamut Sessions – 1985/ Aircraft Sessions – 1987
Doug Appel -Guitar, Mark Menold -Guitar),Ned Lyden -Drums, David Kendrick – Bass, Tim Aymar - Vocals

Gamut Sessions – 1985 - Arrogance & Aggression crunchy riffs pounding rhythms and soaring vocals that hit the stratosphere. Suite 313 fist pumping head banging metal magic. The Warrior stand sway lighters held high as the music envelops your very senses, Shot In The Dark grab your air guitars and just get ready to rock out. Robbin’ The Cradle fast heard and heavy metal cranking it up as you cruise on down the road. Go Down Fighting will have the entire crowd fist pumping singing and shout as the music just pulls you in. Survivor slow crunchy blues based heavy metal music. Bone Soldiers just let the music take you back to a simpler time and place when you were a kid rocking out. Black And White scorching leads pounding drums thumping bass and soaring vocals. Top Of The Night fast hard fist pumping power metal magic.

Aircraft Sessions – 1987 - Tonight We Fly is a very catchy riff that will just envelop your senses with some amazing musicianship. Vengeance Is Mine thundering bass pounding drums soaring vocals and shredding guitars. Silence And Tears takes you back to the 80s when melodic heavy metal with great musicianship ruled the clubs. Black And White shredding guitars thundering rhythms and vocals that just pierce the heavens. Robbin’ The Cradle hop in your car crank up the tunes and just jam. Gratitude will have the crowd on its feet just head banging till the last riff rings out. Tramontane stand fist pun mp and sing along. Pray For Me shredding ripping thrashing metal music. The Warrior stand in unison and join with the others to take on the world and win.

ACRIDITY- For Freedom I Cry (Deluxe Edition)
Anthony Pedone – Guitar, Mel Langenberg - Guitar, Mark Cox -Bass, Mark Soto -Drums), Darin Carroll - Vocals

Beyond powerful majestic shredding metal music. Lethal Idol (Paradise Of Pain) hit the floor head bang thrash and just enjoy this heavy tune. For Freedom I Cry fist pumping head banging metal. Countdown To Terror fast hard heavy shredding guitars pounding drums thundering bass chant along music. Denied Right thrashing heavy 80s style heavy metal madness. The Verdict crunchy guitars thundering drums pounding bass and sing along vocals. Exist In Misery grab your guitars and just get ready for one shred fest. Nothing Held Sacred hit the pit and mosh till you drop Vigilante thrashing shredding ripping metal magic. Whisper To Reality take a trip back in time to when thrash speed metal ruled. Countdown To Terror (1988 Demo)- No Mercy crunchy guitars pounding drums thundering bass and yell chant vocals. The Verdict hit the pit slam sweat and just thrash about. Countdown To Terror shredding guitars pounding rhythms and old school thrash metal vocals. Vigilante just grabs a hold and slams you into oblivion.

Airforce – Strike Hard
Doug Sampson – Drums, Chop Pitman – Guitar, Dillian Arnaudov – Vocals, Tony Hatton – Bass

Fight fist pumping guitar chugging riff pounding vocals soaring metal music. Die For You on your feet fist in the air foot stomping metal magic. Son Of The Damned crunchy guitars pounding rhythms soaring vocals take a trip back in time. The Reaper is a fist pumping sing along let the metal music envelop you tune Finest Hour just take a trip back to the power metal of the 80s and some amazing s musicianship and soaring vocals. Don’t Look In Her Eyes grab your air guitars and just riff along as the music pulls you in with vocals that hit the skies. I Feel Your Pain fist in the air head banging foot stomping metal. War Games just kick back and let the emotions flow thru your very being. Band Of Brothers will have you standing in unison feeling as if you can take on the world and in the way music is meant to make you feel. The War Inside just take one amazing musical journey thru your imagination with some scorching leads soaring vocals and powerful riff. Faith Healer fist pumping catchy riff thumping bass pounding drums metal music with amazing vocals.

Bugzy – Center of Attraction
William "Bugsy" Boyer – Guitar/Vocals, Franki Gorgo - Keyboards, Bob Kimmel - Drums

Center of Attention a very catchy tune that just pulls you into your dreams. Shannon is a very memorable tune that will stick in your head as you sing along. Hold On To Me grab your air guitars tap your feet and just enjoy the melodies. Lose No Sleep (Over You) sitting around with friends singing and having a few drinks. What Do All the People Know get on your feet dance sing and shout, Make A Wish catchy melodic 80s style rock that just has you dreaming the day away. All In One Night clap dance and sing as the music envelops your senses. Big Girl Now crunchy guitars steady beats and soaring soulful vocals that have you clapping. Donna sitting strumming guitars and sing with friends. Be A Big Man tap your feet snap your fingers and just groove. Little Girl Lost just close your eyes and drift away. Father Time strumming guitars soulful vocals and great melodies. Forget It Girl sitting with friends singing and just enjoying the day. Maria searing leads crunchy riffs and steady drums with a very catchy feel. Maybe You Were Right lighters held high with many emotions flowing thru you. Out From Under take a trip back to when melodic rock ruled the airwaves, Hold Me Now strumming sing and tapping your feet. Take Me Away catchy sing along stick in your head music.