Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Hot Suede – ST
Bobby W Topaz – Vocals, Doug Nelson – Guitar, Scott Reed – Guitar, Brett Southard – Drums, Chad Toney – Bass

Roll A Bone catchy riffs memorable beats soulful vocals just get up and rock out. The Otherside chugging guitars a very memorable rhythm just grooving along. Forget About You kickin back in the bar just rocking out to a hard rock blues based soulful music. Got What You Came For sway swing and clap along to one bluesy tune. Watch Me Burn southern swampy blues based rock n roll. Make It Harder has one catchy riff that just grabs you and won’t let go. Splits is a great get in your car crank up the tunes and just jam down the highway. Interlude a soft flowing psychedelic short tune. Tell Me close your eyes and just drift along with a catchy musical journey. Occasional Lover chugging bluesy emotional hard rock. The Trail stand up hand clap fist pump sing along and just rock out. Good Maroon emotional guitars just flow all around gently.

Hearteater – A House In Rapture
Emil Schaldemose, Mikkel Rejkjaer Clausen, Andre Sonderbaek, Michael Dahl Christensen, Emil Breuning

…She Whispered the World fast heavy punkish strange music to just take a wild trip with. Carcosa hit the pit slam and sweat as bodies crash into each other. The Ocean of Time chugging thrashing metal riffs that just cut thru you. Teeth (With Which To Eat) hard riffs heavy beats growling vocals that just pummel you. Ataraxia slow melancholic guitar. We Burn The Same hard heavy riffs a catchy rhythm gruff vocals that just pull you into the tune. A House In Rapture fast heavy punch you in the face hardcore metal.     Keyser melancholic music hard heavy and fast. Bleeding The Sky melancholic tune that just swallows you whole. Building And Burning just slams into you full force and pummels you with aggression. While We Fall chugging thrashing pounding hardcore metal. (52 Hz) flowing guitars. Vile/Rebirth hit the pit slam and sweat as you get your aggressions out.

Frust – Recurring Dreams
Mario Steiner

To The Bone classical overtones. Recurring Dream dark dreary melancholic music from the pits of hell. SfrawdDica gothic moody music that just pulls you under. Earth the darkness swallows you whole and just envelops you in misery. Hoffnung fast heavy dark creepy death music. Vita Somnium Breve slowly pulled into the mouth of hell. Call Of Madness the emptiness inside your mind drives you insane. Frei Im Traum melancholic tones just envelop you in sadness. Till Dawn Redeems Me close your eyes and just be pulled in to a strange dementia. Verfall almost 8 minutes of mind tripping dementia.

Bastardizer – Dawn Of Domination
Chris Beesley – Vocals, Bill Morgan – Guitar, Matt Clarke – Bass, George Delinicolis – Drums

Dawn of Domination (Intro) dark heavy majestic marching music. A Dose of Vengeance heavy fast punch you in the throat death metal. Crimson Trenches a thrashing ripping shredding death metal tune. Death Cult shredding guitars pounding rhythms hit the pit and get all your aggressions out. Demons Unleashed get out the air guitars and just rip and tear it up with some scorching leads. Whiskey Till Death has a very Motorhead meets death metal sound. Up The Ante chugging guitars thrashing rhythms just get in and hold on for a wild ride. Hellions Of The Oath thrash metal mayhem with gruff vocals and chugging riffs. Midnight In Hell ripping tearing shredding thrashing music. Mongrel’s Wrath/The Depraved Nazarene Whore just hit the pit thrash and slam around into each other. Unholy Alliance fast heavy punch you in the face thrash metal with growling vocals.

Crestfallen Queen – Queen of Swords
K – Guitar, A – Drums, E – Vocals/Keyboards, G – Guitar, H – Bass

Umbra eerie sounds envelop and surround you. Queen of Swords slow melancholic guitars just float in the air the music grows to a majestic metal meets doom feel just hang on for the ride. Eurydice’s Lullaby over 9 minutes of a melancholic musical journey just close your eyes and drift along with some searing leads. Invocation just an eerie intro. Ghost Warriors one magical mystical doom prog rock journey just kick back and enjoy. Lethean Bed just get ready for a slow moody musical trip of a tune.


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