Bandcamp Bonanza – Labor Of Love

Some days I feel I’m running out of titles and themes for these articles. The fact that it was just Labor Day holiday and the fact that it is just a Labor of Love that I do this, why not title it that. Here are some albums that just did it for me recently. As I’m typing this I’m listening to another batch of tunes that will likely make the next article. It’s a never ending cycle, and I love the shit out of it. Check these bad boys out.

Frozen Planet …. 1969 – From the Centre of a Parallel Universe
I’ve been very vocal about my distaste for instrumental music over the years, however, with that said I do like some instrumental only music and Frozen Planet has always been one of them.
The guitar riffs dance like dead hippy ghosts of Woodstock and the bass murmurs heavy psychedelia from the center of a parallel universe.

Porno Wolves – Renegades
This one came at me from an online recommendation from a friend on facebook and fellow promoter of the scene, Mr. Atom Heart Mutha. Often times we will get files sent in by bands asking to share with others who may be able to help out spreading the word. This was one of those times, and the fact that many of the regulars in the scene figure out our buddies taste we have good inclinations as to whether folks would like certain kinds of music. Anyway, Geoff sent me the link to the album and he nailed it. This is totally right down my alley and you all need to really check the band out.
Zeppelin esque harmonies rock the stage with the poppy and soulful punch of Wolfmother all while maintaining a fresh, unique twist on modern, heavy, and progressive blues rock. This is big folks. Grab it while you can!

Brother Sister Hex – End Times
This one is literally just released and I found it while they had on pre-order with just a single. Personally I was sold on looking into the band based on the bands description and bio on their bandcamp page. It just sounded so appealing. Upon getting a copy of the entire album to listen, the description rang true and we had a winner. A little bit off the beaten path, but not too weird to scare anybody off.
If you like your garage rock plastered with black lights, disco balls, and bong smoke then Brother a Sister Hex welcome you inside with riffs wide open. The distortion inebriates by way of metrosexual blues resulting in a tasty riff-addled EP of grungy bliss. Quite arousing if you ask me.

Heavy Stone – Black Magic
This one has been out for a little while and I finally broke down and added it to the collection after several months of listening on and off. It’s a really strong album. Funny story on this album is I think I remember David Paul Seymour promoting the artwork prior to the artwork being chosen by the band. Meaning, he sometimes draws up pictures and markets them to bands to pick as their cover. I could be wrong, but it appears that Heavy Stone were the lucky recipients of this album cover. The music matches the cover.
Black Magic casts a musical spell with cracking psychedelics, monstrous fuzz, and epic cover art by David Paul Seymour. They live up to their band name here. Truly tripped out mega jams.

The Shelter People – EP
This one was buried in my wishlist deep and I’ve been playing it on my mobile app until it wouldn’t let me play anymore without buying the album. It happens every now and then. If I recall I received an email recently stating the EP was now out on CD and surely enough when I checked the CD was asking $6 with free shipping. Compared to the $5 digital album price it was a no-brainer to order the CD with a killer looking Gatefold LP style cover. The music speaks for itself. It’s an amazing EP. One of the best of the year.
Enough with the 70s comparisons, this is flat out 21st century heavy, psychedelic blues rock of the highest caliber. Ya, they might sound similar to the great underground acts of the 1970s but it's here, it's now, it's the late teens! The EP is one the best of the year and the CD is free shipping to boot!

Wayfaring Strangers – Acid Nightmares
Holy hell this is a must have vinyl collectors dream album. It popped up on the feed about a week or so ago, and I couldn’t resist ordering that vinyl package. It’s a 2LP of obscure acid rock bands from back in the heyday compilation album. This is in the realm of the Brown Acid vinyl series being released at Riding Easy Records right now. The music is special and the vinyl package is to die for.
This is a vinyl collector’s dream album. The acidic trail of ragged riffs not only summon a sense of euphoric chaos, but the diverse range of quality songs making up this monstrous album join together as if they were written and performed on the same stage, on the same tab of acid. Pure gold from the nightmares of vintage proto hippy fuzz rock.

Red Mountains – Slow Wonder
Red Mountains newest album is unbelievable. From the first note to the last, Slow Wonder will go down as one of the most compelling albums of the year. I make comparisons to Pink Floyd mixed with Black Sabbath in my bandcamp review and while I listen even more, I get a modern comparison to one of my favorite newer bands Spirits of the Dead on its heavier songs. Currently sitting in my top 5 albums of the year and was good enough to yield my #1 vote in the August edition of the Doom Charts. 
Heavy riffs wondering deep canyons of slow, theatric psych weathered by formations of colorful, mesozoic fuzz. It's like the doom born love child of Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. This is glorious!Favorite track: Oak.

I could keep linking more albums but will end it here and start again on a new feed for next week. I’ve already got a bunch of albums just as good waiting for your ears to discover. Stay tuned for more Bonanza as always. It may seem like a lot of work putting these together each and every week, but remember it’s just a labor of love. Ya, that was corny as fuck but I am in a hurry piecing this together with a thousand other things going on simultaneously. Hopefully you can find some time to listen to some of these tunes and support the scene by going to a show, buying some records, or writing a band to tell them how much you love their new album. They dig that too!!

-The Huntsman