Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Jeremy Romeo – All You’re Meant To Be
Jeremy Romeo – Vocals/Instruments

This Is Home light mellow acoustic pop music with emotional vocals.  Lights Of Boston has more of a southern rock meets pop punk sound very interesting.  Here With You sit back with your loved one and just drift away while holding each other.  Said And Done has a country pop feel and some interesting vocals.  All You’re Meant To Be has a country feel with pop overtones.  See You Soon reminds me of Jim Croce or Gordon Lightfoot.

Black Moth – Anatomical Venus
Harriet Hyde – Vocals, Frederica Gialanza – Guitar, Jim Swainston – Guitar, David Vachon – Bass, Dom Mcready – Drums

Istra melodic guitars strange sounds a solid heavy beat then riffing guitars come in with some emotional powerful vocals.  Moonbow is an excellent fist pumping song that will have you movin and grooving.  Sisters of The Stone fuzz guitar slowly moves in then a slow steady Sabbath style of riff that just worms its way thru you that speeds up at times.  Buried Hoards has a very catchy riff that stick in your head.  Severed Grace takes you back to the hard rock style of the 70s with lots of emotion.  A Lovers Hate fast heavy in your face hard rock/metal that will have you head banging along.  Screen Queen is a great stoner rock metal song.  Tourmaline slow trippy psychedelic sounds that drift and trip along.   A Thousand Arrows solid heavy beats riffing guitars and powerful vocals that just work their way into your brain.  Pig Man dance and head band to an excellent riff.

Fox Medicine – Greetings From Mars
Neezy Dynamite – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Vanny Keeps - Drums/Vocals/Synths

Glitter Alien weird space rock sounds and strange vocals that just take you on a very strange trip.  Supervillian lost in space drifting along listening to the strange sounds and hearing strange voices.

Reichelt – Seduced By The Light Side
Reichelt – Vocals/Instruments

Seduced By The Light Sides guitars that just work their way into your very soul with lots of emotion add solid bass great percussion and various other instruments with some interesting vocals.

Visions of Atlantis – The Deep And The Dark
Thomas Caser – Drums, Siegfried Samer – Vocals, Clementine Delauney – Vocals, Herbert Glos – Bass, Christian Douscha – Guitar

The Deep And The Dark swirling keyboards classical overtones and a prog metal style with very powerful female vocals.  Return To Lumeria keyboards and then a rolling drum beat and thundering bass with a very catchy riff get ready to rock.  Ritual Night slow building riffs and keys along with a flute and tribal drum beat and some excellent lead guitar work and vocals.  The Silent Mutiny straight ahead power prog metal that just takes you away on a very special trip.  Book Of Nature rolling drums classical sound and very ethereal vocals pump your fist in the air to this excellent song.  The Last Home melodic piano and soft vocals that builds near the end.  The Grand Illusion fiat pumping head banging pounding prog metal at its finest.  Dead Reckoning guitars that pierce your soul then an excellent speed metal prog song with lots of emotion.  Words Of War foot stomping head banging riffs and melodies rock n roll to this great song.  Prayer To The Lost melodic piano soft female vocals then the band comes in and lays down an excellent rhythm that just takes you away and has you singing along with a few tempo changes.


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