Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tailblock - Think Or Be EP

I don't know about you waveriders, but I'm not above admitting that the reason I investigate certain bands is based solely off how interesting I find their album art.  Sure if I hit play and the music isn't any good I'll pack up my mental energies and quickly move on to the next release.  On the other hand if the music is solid, well I'll feel totally justified!  My eyes wouldn't possibly deceive me concerning matters my ears hold sway over! 

So you ask, what is the latest release my eyes have required me to experience?  That would be the Think Or Be EP from a band named Tailblock, and it's fantastic!  The Dadaist art on the cover (no, I didn't know what Dada art looked like until I google searched art styles trying to find the right descriptor) piqued my interest.  The six songs that make up the EP absolutely demanded my full attention seconds into the opening track, and I was perfectly happy to oblige.

What does Tailblock sound like?  Their Facebook and Bandcamp pages apply the terms alternative, emo, post-hardcore, and lastly the combination emotional hardcore.  In my opinion the last classification is the most accurate thanks to the band's willful blurring of genre lines.  I definitely hear the bedrock of 1990s alternative rock throughout the EP, but frankly there is too much aggression for me to draw comparisons to the emo groups of old.  Dashboard Confessional this ain't.

Anyway the title track blasts out of the gate demonstrating the power this group is projecting.  Rockin' instrumentation matched with highly emotive vocals.  "Heavy Arms" follows the same blueprint.  "Rocket" elevates the melodic elements to a towering height and is the most post-punk sounding track on offer.  "Blisters" ambushes the listener with unexpectedly harsh vocals and heavier distortion, really delivering on that post-hardcore tag mentioned previously.  Having expended vast amounts of energy Tailblock reigns in the tempo on the final two tracks, "Listen" and "100".  "Listen" lulls you into a false sense of security before the massive, sonically abrasive choruses come crashing down.  In contrast "100" sounds downright beautiful and supportive all the way through.

Give this one a shot waveriders.  I liked the Think Or Be EP when I initially heard it, and I like it more and more with each successive run-through.  What can I say?  My eyes, on occasion, know what my ears will appreciate.  Maybe your eyes and ears will be in agreement with mine.  It will only take a moment to find out!


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