Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Wreck Defy – Fragments of Anger
Matt Hanchuck – Guitar, Justin Stear – Bass/Vocals, Shawn Drover – Drums (Studio), Derrick Kroll – Drums(live), Jordan Gosselin – Bass

Industrial Lies spoken words and a thrash riff that just makes you want to run down the road or speed fast in your car or motorcycle.  Justify The Unjust fist in the air head banging riff that will just have the entire crowd moving to the beat.  Sentenced more spoken words then a heavy metal riff that will get a pit to moshing and singing along to the vocals.  The Eternal Lie air guitar riffs to the max awesome drums bass rhythms and fist pumping rhythms along with scorching guitar leads.  Under My Skin speed thrash metal at its finest get ready to rock and head bang to this excellent song.  Karmic Wheel power metal riffs tight as hell rhythm section and screeching guitars along with great vocals.  The Human Waste the crowd is bouncing to the beats and fist are flying in the air to this heavy metal riff song.  Casualties Of War speed metal rollin down the highway fast and heavy.

X-Method -  Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music
Tony – Guitar, Chris – Guitar, Abby – Vocals, Jordie – Bass, Ricardo – Drum

Denied What’s Ours acoustic guitars monk chants style vocals then power metal chords which kicks into a thrash speed metal song with yelling vocals.  BAF (Brutal As Fuck) stomp your feet pound your fist head banging metal.  When Darkness Falls guitar riffs pierce the sky a great song to jam and sing along with.  Drink From The Horn monk chanting heavy beats and guitars that are like a chainsaw with rough vocals.  Woke Up In The Livingroom stand up and get the pit to moshing with this fast heavy song.  Waiting For The Rain slow acoustic melodic guitar and emotional singing that will get the lighters out at a concert and have the crowd singing along.  Addicted piano and strings with emotional vocals that slowly builds to a heavy melodic song.   Triangles N6. fast heavy get to moshing and slamming to this aggressive beat.  Southern Comfort get you fist in the air and just jam away to the riff master metal song.  Wasting My Tears excellent lead guitar solid as hell rhythms and melodic overtones.  Born Into The Affliction bodies slamming together as the pit goes faster and faster.  Silver On My Back guitars cutting thru the air bass thundering drums pounding solid as hell.  And I Know slow melodic guitar and emotional vocals which slowly builds heavier and heavier.  Suicide Girl (Cutter) pounding drums with thundering bass in a punk style of singing song.  Fuck Sobriety solid war dance then fast as hell punk metal stylings.  No Te Vayas power and emotion some excellent vocals.  Outro excellent acoustic guitar.

Sparzanza -  The Trigger (Single)
Fredrik Weileby – Vocals, Calle Johannesson -  Guitar, Magnus Eronen – Guitar, Anders Aberg – Drums, Johan Carlsson – Bass

The Trigger has a great Sabbath style of riff that just stick in your head and excellent song along vocals and leads that will have you playing air guitar along to.

Hound The Wolves – Camera Obscura
Tim Burke – Lapsteel/ Drones/Soundscapes, Juan Carlos Caceres – Vocals/Guitar/Synths/Samples, Corey Decaire – Bass, Ryan McPhaill – Drums, Nate Wright – Synths, Samples, Aux Percussion

If Lost In Mind guitar and strange sound winding their way thru your mind taking you on a strange trip with some interesting vocals.  Masquerade is heavier and in a very psychedelic vein back to the 60s.  Omnia In Numeris Sita Sunt eerie sounds surround and envelope you.  Everything Lies Veiled In Numbers sit back close your eyes and trip in a very weird way like older Pink Floyd.

Tal National – Tantabara
Almeida – Guitar, Babaye – Guitar, Tafa – Guitar, Massaoudo – Vocals, Souleymane – Vocals/Drums, Maloumba – Vocals, Seidou – Vocals, Dalik – Vocals, Yac Tal – Bass, Essa – Bass, Omar – Drums, Abdoullay – Drums, Sgt Maty – Drums/Vocals, Kelegue – Talking Drum, Boris – Keys

Tantabara spoken words African tribal vocals and jazz freeform tempos along with African rhythms.  Belles Reines freeform jazz with tribal beats and layes of African style vocals just get up and dance to it.  Entente warrior chanting great drumming and jazz style music this is one eclectic style but excellent as well.  Duniya prog meets jazz meets tribal meets MoTown in this strange way but it works very well.  Akokass guitars shredding men yelling then kicks into a Tower of Power style of song that will just have your feet movin and grooving.  Pama yakt a trip to the wilds and just close your eyes to the band members all in unison playing strange mystical beats and singing.  Trankil jazz blues tribal soul music to just drift away to.  Aminiata bluesy jazz that has tribal influences.


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