Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Revbjelde – Severance
Mordecai Smyth – Mellotron, Andy Prince – Chapman Stick, Guest Musicians

Severance slow melodic sounds that just seem to work their way into your psyche and take you for a strange trip.  Voices From The Sea drifting along the open ocean just watching the waves crash against your boat and relaxing.  Bride of Litton Cheney improvised jazz meets prog rock with some interesting sounds.

Tribulation – Down Below
Johannes Andersson – Vocals/Bass, Adam Zaars – Guitar, Jonathan Hulten – Guitar,
Oscar Leander – Drums

The Lament emotional acoustic guitar that slowly builds to an epic death metal song.  Night Bound more classical acoustic then an excellent beat kicks in that just makes you fist pump with dark deep growling vocals.  Lady Death sounds of wind then a solid metal beat and demonic vocals.  Subterranea has a very catchy riff and melody that just stays with you for days.  Purgatorio evil sounds and envelopes you with melancholy guitar.  Cries From The Underworld keyboards then guitar riffs and an excellent drum bass riff kicks in to make you stand up and take notice.  Lacrimosa fast heavy in your face metal with death style vocals.  The World a child’s music box then swirling keyboards along with a solid heavy beat that makes you want to head bang.  Here Be Dragons stand up fist in the air and bang your head to this metal onslaught.

Us And Them – From The Corner Of My Eye
From The Corner Of My Eye melodic prog rock with lots of great musicianship and soaring vocals.  The Iron Maiden take a trip back in time to merry old England and drift thru the woods listening to some Celtic melodies.  When Life Begins slow melodies surround you and just make you drift away to a simpler time and place.  All The Mad Men swirling keyboards Celtic guitar riffs and a great song to just kick back close your eyes and drift along with.

Adam Wolf – Songs I/II
Adam Wolinskys – Vocals/Instruments

New light Walking slow melodic guitar and soft beats of drums with emotional folk style vocals.  Rooted sit back and drift along to the mellow sounds and vocals.  Not The Light has a country sort of feel to the music with lots of emotion.  Wait Up sitting in a seedy back room club listening to the band play soft music and just drinking slowly to it.  Voyeur nice melodic music to just sit back close your eyes to and enjoy.

Windhand – Satan’s Satyrs – Split EP
Windhand -  Dorthia Cottrell – Vocals, Asechiah Bogdan – Guitar, Garrett Morris – Guitar, Parker Chandler – Bass, Ryan Wolfe – Drums

Old Evil overdriven fuzz guitars slow and steady a slow rhythm and melodic vocals.  Three Sisters sneaks up on you creeping with a great bass line then overdriven guitars and eerie vocals.

Satan’s Satyrs   -  Clayton Burgess – Bass/Vocals, Jarrett Nettnin – Guitar, Nate towel – Guitar, Stephen Fairfield – Drums

Alucard heavy mid-tempo Sabbath style riffs and beats with some interesting vocals and great guitar work.  Succubus fist pounding beats heavy riffs and vocals that are strange but good at the same time.  Aint That Lovin You Baby go back to the time of stoner rock garage bands that were excellent to just kick back and jam to. 


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