Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Khemmis – Desolation
Dan – Bass, Zach – Drums, Ben – Vocals/Guitar, Phil – Vocals/Guitar

Bloodletting fist in the air screaming guitars pounding beats sing along metal.  Isolation thundering down the open plains ready for battle.  Flesh To Nothing a very catchy rhythm and searing guitars that just pierce the sky with excellent vocals.  The Seer dual leads in harmony pounding betas thundering bass and sing along vocals.  Maw of Time a fast heavy beat that just makes you wanna speed down the highway.  From Ruin melodic guitars slow and steady with a solid beat.

Tad Morose – Chapter X
Ronny Hemlin – Vocals, Christer Krunt Andersson – Guitar, Kenneth Jonsson – Guitar, Johan Lofgren – Bass, Peter Moren – Drums

Apocalypse  melodic power speed metal with lots of tempo changes.  Come Morpheus fist pumping foot stompin metal riffs to headbang along to.  Deprived Of Light fast and heavy charging down the open road.  I Am Night get out the air guitars and get ready to rock and sing along.  Leviathian Rise slow steady heavy power metal.  Liar would be an awesome song to speed down the road listening to cranking it.  Masquerader head banging metal at its best. Nemesis power and majesty all wrapped up into one song.  Salvage My Soul head banging hair flyin fist pumping riffs and beats with thundering bass and amazing vocals.  Slaves to The Dying Sun power and fury with melody.  Turn To Dust great musicianship and memorable riffs.  Vaunt The Cynical the entire crowd will be bouncin and head banging to this metal riff.  Where Stars Align air guitar and drums singing along and thrashing about.  Yet Still You Preach melodic guitar intro powerful soaring vocals heavy riffs solid beats power and glory.

Comess – Botched And Flailed
Dustin – Vocals, Shaun – Guitar/Vocals, Steve – Bass, Tim – Drums

Vorkuta heavy crunchy riffs pounding beats and death metal growls.  Pit Dweller starts out slow and plodding with cutting riffs rumbling bass then just cuts thru you like a knife.  Bitten grabs you throws you to the ground and stomps on you.  Toothskin strange demented riffs and evil beats of destruction.  Disact chainsaw riffs that just rip and shred. Stygian evil rises and just devours your very soul.  Decrepit weird riffs that just pierce your ears and drive you insane.  Doomsaint pounds you into submission.  Serpenticost evil and demented avails the senses.  Deracinate fast heavy slam into you will a fury and force of evil.  Second Death cutting ripping tearing at your very soul.

Al Ard – ST
COD.5111 – Vocals/Bass/Drum Machine, Symor Von Dankurt – Synth/Programming/Samples/Vocals, (x) on – Guitar/Programming/Sampling

Nero strange chants spoken words and samples.  For A Hint Of Divinity evil sounds rumbling tones and dementia.  Pillar.Past.Present slowly evil arises the just annihilates the very essence of you.  Who Wants To Live Forgotten weird samples blast beat drums and chugging riff.  Strange Old Practice 1 strange sounds and samples to drive you insane.  Red Bourbon crunchy riffs chugging beats and death metal vocals.  Strange Old Practice 2 weird sounds and samples to drive you into dementia.  Scrutinizing A Glimpse of Chaos weird evil sounds arise and envelope you dragging you into hell.

Velvet Viper – Respice Finem
Jutta Weinhold – Vocals, Holger Marx – Guitar, Fabian Ranft – Bass, Micha Fromm – Drums

Don’t Leave Before Wintertime melodic guitars powerful vocals then a excellent riff kicks in get ready to bang your head till the end.  Shadow Ryche fist pumping foot stomping sing along guitar screaming heavy metal.  Respice Finem emotional melodic guitar soulful vocals that slowly builds with some excellent lead work.  Fraternize With Rats you can feel the metal rising get ready to rock out as it builds.  Eternally Onwards fist pumping head banging foot stomping metal music.  Ogaydez a slower steady crowd saying melodic metal song.  Dangerous get you fist in the air and get ready to sing along to a very catchy metal riff and power vocals.  Raven Evermore melodies slowly build with some screaming lead guitar that just pierces you.  Stormy Birth a crowd swaying fist pumping head banging metal anthem.  Law Of Rock just get ready to rock out to a fine tune.  Loherangrin Lohengrin a metal power ballad of excellence.


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