Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Xroadie Files

QFT – Live In Space
Linnea Vikstrom – Vocals, Mano Lewys – Guitar, Jonathan  Olsson  - Bass, Georg Harnsten Egg – Drums

End of The Universe slow plodding riff in the style of early Sabbath with some powerful female vocals.  Big Bang is a fist in the air sing along metal anthem style of song.  Black Hole has an almost jazz meets prog riff and beat to the intro kick back and enjoy.  QFT melodies drift thru the air on guitar and very emotional vocals and some scorching lead guitar pierces the heavens.  Aliens has a very catchy heavy beat that will have you movin to the music and singing along.  Time get ready to take a trip thru your mind time and space.  Quasar fist pumping prog metal that just takes over you and makes you smile with many twists and turns.  Light Speed is thrash speed prog metal that just rocks you to your very soul.  Live In Space starts with some melancholic piano and vocals that just envelope you.  Joga nice melodies that just drift around you some awesome prog metal.

Ihsahn – Amr
Ihsahn – all instruments/Vocals

Lend Me The Eyes Of The Millenia classical keys build then death metal vocals from the pit of hell rage around you before the music just rips you to shreds.  Arcana Imperii fast heavy death at its ferocious with lots of ripping and tearing.  Samr psychedelia meets prog meets death with some strange turns.  One Less Enemy grabbing you and dragging you down to hell thru fire and brimstone.  Where You Are Lost And I Belong slow melancholic sounds and tones with some plodding beats.  In Rites Of Passage the pit is thrashing with the sounds of flesh slamming against each other.  Marble Soul a riff that just drags you down the road as the vocals welcome you to the underworld.  Twin Black Angels melodic keybards and a steady beat work back and forth for a very strange song.  Wake fast heavy thrash meeets death in a fury of notes.

Voices - Frightened
David Gray, Sam Loynes, Peter Benjamin, Dave Abela

Unknown prog meets new wave meets gothic with lots of emotions.  Rabbits Curse is slow melancholic and very strange with many lows in the music.  Evaporated industrial meets prog meets new wave meets gothic.  IWSYA  melodic keyboards and guitar drift thru many times and memories.  Dead Feelings heavy industrial metal grinds into your very being.  Manipulator melancholic sounds that just take you far away.  Funeral Day heavy industrial metal meets fist in the air anthem metal.  Fascinator slow melodic guitar and vocals.  Home Movies tribal beats meet almost prog jazz stylings.  Sequences heavy fast new wave gothic metal.  Footsteps ends the album with a strange trip thru many emotions.

Shields – Life in Exile
Joe Edwards – Vocals, Sam Kubrick Finney – Guitar, Lawrence Welling – Bass, Alex Rayner - Drums

Intimacy overdriven guitars and feedback from the mouth of hell take you down to the depths.  Black Dog fast heavy ram it down your throat death metal.  In The Grey melodic and heavy pounding riffs and gruff vocals.  Upside Down punch you in the face and just pound you to ribbons.  White Embers strange melancholic riffs that just rip thru you.  Its Killing Me strange steady sounds that just take you to a very sad demented place.  Delilah pounding heavy and dragging you into the mouth of the darkness.  Love is Dead sneaking up behind you very slowly then slicing your throat.  Mother ruff demonic vocals and riffs that just chainsaw thru you.  Sibiling melancholic starhge melidies and vocals that rip and shred.  N35.E138 strange sounds.  Aokigahara dark sounds with a very melancholic feel that just take you on a very strange trip thru time.

Dogmathica – Start Becoming Nothing
Sergio Boi – Guitar, Matteo Spigna – Guitar, Alessandro  Castellanno – Drums, Stefano Pilloni – Vocals, Gianni Farci – Bass

Praghma strange eerie riffs envelope you with some strange vocals and musical tones.  Chanel N heavy pounding riffs with rough vocals.  Decadancers head banging industrial sounding riffs chainsaw guitars and deep gruff vocals.  Start Becoming Nothing Pantera meets industrial meets death strange but it works.  Rise Up has an almost prog metal feel to the riffs with heavy pounding rhythms and dark vocals.  Screaming In The Darkness drags you down into the deep black abyss.  Hatred punches you in the face and just tries to pound you into the earth.  Burnum is Rush meets death metal industrial prog.


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