Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ripple Music Waverider Update Newsletter: Kingnomad and Vokonis New Releases, Mr Plow and Beerwolf Pre-order and the Sale to End All Sales!

The world is waking up to the occult doom of Kingnomad!  Following their Ripple debut on the long sold out Second Coming of Heavy Chapter 3, Kingnomad have been nothing but busy, releasing their debut LP, Mapping the Inner Void, contributing a song to the 4-label Compilation, Skull Mountain, and now their long-awaited follow-up, The Great Nothing.  Gaining stellar reviews, Kingnomad are already being compared to contemporaries like The Devil's Blood, Blood Ceremony, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats and Sweden's occult torchbearers Ghost. but stand out as "a band whose sound contains elements and traces of all of those bands mentioned above but mixes with them something a little unique and magical of their own."  (Desert Psychlist)  Limited Edition Splatter vinyl still available along with LP's and CD's.  Check em out ( or
Congratulations also needs to go out to Sweden's Vokonis on the Ripple re-release of their stunning debut album, Olde One Ascending.   This album dominated the Doom Charts and filled nearly every Best of list at the end of 2016.  Long sold out on vinyl,  Olde One Ascending is now rre-eleased with gorgeous new album art by Kyrre Bjurling.  The haze splatter vinyl edition is eye stopping!  Check it out at
August is nearly upon us, so what does Ripple have in store?  Glad you asked, how about these two killer riff-mad platters.  The highly-anticipated first album in 12 years by Houston's old school stoner masters, Mr Plow, and finally, the vinyl debut of the cosmic haze metallers, Beerwolf.  Both on pre-order now for August release.  Pick em both up and save with combined shipping!
And finally, we'd be remiss if we didn't remind you that the HUGE Ripple Music Anniversary Sale is still going til the end of the month.  Massive savings on tons of vinyl and CD.  Combine with other purchases to save on shipping.  Big Cartel adds shipping per item, but when we ship it will be on true weight, so don't worry, we'll refund overages.  Pick up that back catalog item you've been eyeing for years.

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