Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ramonda Hammer - Destroyers EP

Well hello there waveriders!  Pull up a chair, sit on the ground, stand still for a second, whatever makes you comfortable because I've got a real standout release to discuss with you today.  My friends, when I heard the Destroyers EP from Ramonda Hammer it straight up knocked me for a loop!  It is my opinion that these tunes might produce the same effect when passing through your eardrums.  Allow me to explain.

While I am a child of the 1980s I began paying closer attention to music during the 1990s when grunge reigned supreme.  Listening to the radio back then heavily influenced my musical taste.  When I hear new music that hearkens back to those days long gone I can't help but be interested.  When that new music happens to be good...well, I'm a happy man.  Enter Ramonda Hammer.

According to their bio RH is "a Los Angeles grunge band".  Yeah, that fits.  Pretty straightforward description, but there are two elements that help set RH apart.  First, they don't sound derivative.  Listening to these five songs my mind never wanders towards making direct comparisons between RH and the radio hits of my youth.  Second, and most importantly, band leader/lead singer Devin Davis has an unbelievably powerful voice!  Seriously, when the songs demand it her voice goes to 11.  Also, the emotion she conveys is absolutely spellbinding!

All five songs that make up the Destroyers EP rock.  Title track "Destroyers" perfectly sets the mood.  "Bender" is my favorite song on offer thanks to it's galloping instrumentation and infectious melody.  "Too Much Too Recently" perfectly defines melancholy.  "Care 2 Slam" caustically rips and tears through it's three minute runtime, and EP closer "Same Thing" approaches critical mass each time the chorus hits.

Waveriders if you have an itch for 1990s rock music that needs scratching, or if you want to hear an incredibly emotive lead vocalist look no further than Ramonda Hammer and their fantastic Destroyers EP.


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