Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Orange Goblin - The Wolf Bites Back

Here is my argument waveriders.  Conventional wisdom tells us there are two certainties in life.  Do you remember them?  Death is the first, taxes the second.  While I do agree with that sentiment, I am no longer satisfied limiting our collective certainties to two when there is ample evidence a third must be recognized.  Yes my friends, I speak of the certainty that Orange Goblin will always deliver the quality heavy metal we crave.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would like to enter the recently released The Wolf Bites Back into evidence as prosecution exhibit I.  Why exhibit I?  Simple.  Exhibits A through H are their previous eight albums in chronological order.  Let the record show that Orange Goblin has displayed amazing consistency since the year 1997.

What's that Your Honor?  Yes, I did make it a point during jury selection to only accept people either wearing Black Sabbath t-shirts or those with visible tattoos related to that legendary band.  As you can see my choices have provided us with a suitable cross section of humanity to hear this case.  No, I would never dream of prejudicing these upstanding citizens by providing a youtube link of Orange Goblin positively wrecking an audience from their official live album, A Eulogy For The Fans.  That would be wrong!  Also, I would never risk upsetting this fine institution or do anything to face the wrath of your gavel, Your Honor.

Wait, how did that get there!?!?  Ah well, nothing to be done about it now.  Moving on, I would like to point out that The Wolf Bites Back is made up of ten pulse pounding tracks guaranteed to get your fists clenched and your head banging.  If you are a stoner or doom metal fan you'll find borderline too much to be excited about in tracks like "Sons Of Salem", the title song, "Swords Of Fire", and "Burn The Ships".  Those same musical elements can be found inside the other songs on the album as well but Orange Goblin does a great job incorporating other styles into their sonic footprint.  "Suicide Division" is a vicious punk excursion.  "Renegade" has enough boogie rock built in to make a dead man tap his foot.  "The Stranger" is so bluesy you might shed a tear before it bashes your head in.  Touching, really.

Waveriders, if you are familiar with Orange Goblin you know I speak the truth.  If on the other hand you've never listened to Orange Goblin prepare yourselves to be floored.  I can't think of many other bands that so perfectly channel their heavy metal forefathers while also forging their own musical identity.  The Wolf Bites Back is well worth your time and attention.  Listen today!


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