Sunday, July 22, 2018

Holy Grove and Ripple Music Announce the Completion of the Upcoming Album by Portland's Epic Heavy Doomers

Ripple Music is thrilled to announce that Portland, Oregon, heavy rockers Holy Grove have just completed the recording of their second full-length, to be titled "Holy Grove II".

The four-piece of vocalist Andrea Vidal, guitarist Trent Jacobs, bassist Gregg Emley and drummer Eben Travis recently stormed the West Coast earlier this year after announcing they’d signed to Ripple Music for the a new album and a repressing of their 2016 self-titled debut, which was released on glorious multicolored vinyl.  Like the debut, the new album was tracked with Billy Anderson and realizes a developing heavy vision for the band. 

About the new album, the band says, "we started tracking the day after we returned from our West Coast tour in April, and spent about four days tracking at Hallowed Halls in Portland. We then spent an additional couple of days tracking at Everything Hz. We really enjoyed being back in the studio. We felt prepared, focused and excited about the new material, especially after playing the songs live nightly for a few weeks on tour. Billy (Anderson, engine-ear supreme) was fired up and invested and inspired us to push ourselves in getting the takes we wanted, and obviously crucial in getting the sounds we wanted on tape.

To us, the album to represents turning a page and crossing a threshold musically and emotionally that wasn’t available or apparent before. We’re a different band then we were when we made the first record and it was important to us to reflect that in the songs. We made it a point to listen to our gut during the entire writing and recording process, but still allowed the songs take on a life of their own and let them dictate where to go with them.  The songs are darker, more epic, and more emotionally reflective of what the band has been through in the last 3-4 years."

Due to hit the streets this coming November this one is sure to make some huge noise in the heavy underground.  Ripple promises new vinyl colors and effects, black vinyl, CD and of course digital at all the major channels. 

Holy Grove II tracklisting:

Blade Born
Valley of The Mystics

Holy Grove is:
Andrea Vidal – Vocals
Trent Jacobs – Guitar
Gregg Emley – Bass
Eben Travis – Drums

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