Friday, July 27, 2018

Haunted - Dayburner

One of the best things about getting the Skull Mountain album was discovering some bands that were previously unknown to me. On the Twin Earth Records side was a song by the Italian band, Haunted, and it resonated deep within my soul; so much so that I had to get ahold of a digital copy of their newest release, called Dayburner. These 8 songs are fuzz soaked masterpieces, complete with the haunting vocal work of Cristina Chimirri; who, in my opinion, has one of the most beautiful voices in the genre.

None of these songs are short, but they are so expertly out together that they seem much shorter than they really are. Take the opening track, Mourning Sun, which has an infectious main riff, a bombastic rhythm section, and is slow, down-tuned song crafting. When Cristina begins singing the song takes on an almost ethereal element, propelling it into the stratosphere, and into your soul. This is my favourite track on Dayburner, and is an excellent start to this record.

The title track begins with a sparse acoustic guitar, and the gorgeous vocals that Cristina is so great with. When the full band kicks in, there is serious groove. This is a 9 and a half minute song, as most of these tracks are, but never do these songs become boring. The band is so adept at crafting interesting parts that these pieces could be 20 minutes long, and never get old.

Vespertine has quite a haunting intro, non-distorted tones, except for the bass. The guitar parts that are distorted are very subdued, used to create atmosphere and power. Cristina shines in this section, using her voice to add to the vast atmospheric quality. This one runs almost 14 minutes long, but is pure doomy magnificence from start to finish.

Haunted is a band that everyone should be checking out. Their brand of doom is absolutely perfect in my opinion, and I'm already looking forward to their next album. I would like to thank Ric Bennett for hooking up the code for me, and thanks also go to the band themselves; for creating this epic record. I hope you will all go and check out this great band! Enjoy!!!!

-T.C. Mayhem

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