Saturday, July 7, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – 076

This week we have a mixed bag. A little country, a little blues, and some hardcore, punk, stoner and prog no doubt. That’s how I roll. If you don’t like it, we’ll reserve your campsite for somebody else. There is a waiting list for crying out loud here at bandcamp anymore. Good thing the possibilities are endless and the price is right. Check these bad boys out.

Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows – Hymns
Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows may sound like some kind of country band on the surface, but don’t go judging a book by its cover. Well actually, in Hymns case, you can judge by the cover itself as the artwork is a mystical, magical tripped out piece of goat art by Adam Burke that looks like the record sounds. The concept album plays like a soundtrack to a Quinten Tarantino movie set in the landscape of an 1800’s outlaw’s travels across the desert, high on peyote and searching for his way back to planet earth. This is heavy, trippy, fuzzy and full of bluesy doom and outlaw twang. Dig if folks, these guys have something special going on here.

Mudlow – Waiting For the Tide to Rise
Found this one on another fans account while perusing their collection. I often see who supports and album that I also support and, especially if there are only a few other supporters who I don’t recognize, I check out what they have to show off. In this case Mudlow came up. The tags read “blues, alt-country, alternative, swamp, Brighton” of which sound appealing. This thing is somewhat of a best of album and the first of any of the bands material available on vinyl. Seems like a great place to start and even get in on a historic release of the bands. I recommend if you like the blues. This shit is tight.

Hey look what else I stumbled upon while checking into this band. Their label page online store. Oh boy, you might need to give yourself some time in here.

Big Durty – Electric Warrior
Electric Warrior have blown my mind on this release. I got a promotional copy via email and was instantly hooked by the big dirty riffs and the loud groovy fuzz. Viking level Stoner Metal similar to an Orange Goblin output, Big Durty puts U in dirt with is Goliathan chords and colossal fuzz. Oh boy, what have we started here. 

Duel – Live At The Electric Church
Been a big fan of these guys for a while. I didn’t even know they had a live album out until I had the chance to see them live and attending this past Monday. These guys are the real deal and catching their live set confirmed my every inkling that they know how to rock. The live album is the perfect way to hear the 4-piece in action and they didn’t sound off beat at all when I saw them. Killer rock band out of Austin Texas.

Brond – Graveyard Campfire

Listen HERE.
Brond released an EP back in 2015 that in my opinion was overlooked. Not by the fine folks over at Magnetic Eye Records who have an alluring ear for quality music. Brond means ‘Sword’ and its forged with hardcore roots and punk rock energy but with the groove and stylings of 90’s era Rollins Band or Melvins of sorts. Take a listen and give us your take. All I know is I was attracted the the EP and now they have a full length with progresses the noise rock even deeper into the heavy underground.

Cancer Bats – The Spark That Moves
Cancer Bats have been one of my favorite hardcore/stoner bands since I first discovered them years ago. While I haven’t listened to them in a while I noticed the new album available on bandcamp. The grooves and hooks are tight as ever and the aggression is front and center as always. Like a hybrid hardcore band meets thrash, meets Sabbath fuzz, the Cancer Bats are full of energy and one of the best in their class, from Canada.

Garrett T. Capps – In the Shadows (Again)
You know when artists you really love share artists they really love? Well I pay close attention to the bands and members whom I have a lot of respect for and when Sarah Shook of Sarah Shook & The Disarmers mentions how her mind was blown by this new album by Garrett Capps, you take note and just go ahead and purchase the vinyl outright. In the context of her recommendation she, being a country artist with roots in punk rock and roll, says that she really doesn’t listen to that much country on her own time, but Garrett Capps was rocking her world. I took that to mean that there is something more than just another country record going on here and boy was that the case. In The Shadows reminded me of the first time I heard Sturgill Simpson’s album ‘Metamodern Sounds in Country Music’ which later ended up being my album of the year in 2015. This has elements of psych, punk, and classic country with its sweeping reverb and spit shined steel guitar. Think along the lines of Marty Stuart meets Lucero for an idea of what to expect. The entire discography of this TX punk is gold.

Red Sun Atacama – Licancabur
Red Sun Atacama have once again forged a wall of fuzz via the spirit world of the high Chilean desert on this blistering new output. Licancabur blasts us with mountainous riffs, hallucinatory rhythms and enchanting volume. Take a walk on the fuzzy side and be prepared for a delightful jaunt through the S. American desert via Paris France.

Bitterdusk – Arbol Cosmico
The galloping Chilean fuzz takes you on a journey out of this world. The riffs soar, the vocals hypnotize and the vibes crush like a missile through thermospheric clouds. This is cosmic stoner doom ecstasy.

Glanville – First Blood EP
Talk about guitar rock. Glanville, made up of member of the bands Wight, Stubb and Bushfire, will give you a case of tendonitis due to air guitar overload if done properly. René Hofmann’s vocals squelch with madman precision and the dueling guitars crank out harmonies like no other. What a nice surprise when this crossed my feed. Thanks to Andy Benson, (AKA Nerve Salad) on bandcamp for this recommendation. Follow him for some good old fashion music taste.

-The Huntsman

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