Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Ripple Conversation With Alessio Caravelli Of Black Elephant

When I was a kid, growing up in a house with Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, and Simon and Garfunkel, the first time I ever heard Kiss's "Detroit Rock City," it was a moment of musical epiphany. It was just so vicious, aggressive and mean. It changed the way I listened to music. I've had a few minor epiphany's since then, when you come across a band that just brings something new and revolutionary to your ears.

What have been your musical epiphany moments?

First time listening to thrash metal as a teenager and my parents albums from the 60s and 70s.

Talk to us about the song-writing process for you. What comes first, the idea? A riff? The lyrics? How does it all fall into place?

Everything starts from a riff and the rest follows…

Who has influenced you the most?

Music from the late 60s and the 70s.

Where do you look for continuing inspiration? New ideas, new motivation?

Some contemporary bands from the psych stoner scene.

We're all a product of our environment. Tell us about the band's hometown and how that reflects in the music?

The Italian band that influences us the most is Ufomammut.

Where'd the band name come from?

We wanted to continue the great tradition of bands name starting with Black.

You have one chance, what movie are you going to write the soundtrack for?

“From Dusk Till Dawn” by Robert Rodriguez.

You now write for a music publication (The Ripple Effect?).  You're going to write a 1,000 word essay on one song. Which would it be and why?

“Hey Joe” By Jimi Hendrix because of music, lyrics and historical period.

Come on, share with us a couple of your great, Spinal Tap, rock and roll moments?

My bachelor party playing with Sasquatch.

Tell us about playing live and the live experience for you and for your fans?

For us playing live is so important that we decided to record an album that sounds like a live concert.

What makes a great song?

A song can be great because moves you, because kicks asses or because it is the right song in the right moment.

Tell us about the first song you ever wrote?

Probably something embarrassing during my teen years.

What piece of your music are particularly proud of?

“Cosmic soul”

Who today, writes great songs? Who just kicks your ass? Why?

Earthless and Samsara Blues Experiment. I think that they are the most original.

Vinyl, CD, or digital? What's your format of choice?


Whiskey or beer?  And defend your choice


We, at the Ripple Effect, are constantly looking for new music. What's your home town, and when we get there, what's the best record store to lose ourselves in?

We are from Savona, Italy. If you come here we can suggest to visit Vincebus Eruptum with his vinyls and cds collection and his magazine about Stoner and psychedelic music, and spend a night at “Raindogs House” enjoying a rock or blues gig.

What's next for the band?

We are writing new songs….

Any final comments or thoughts you'd like to share with our readers, the waveriders?

We are really happy about what is happening to us right now, and we really thank everyone who made it possible.

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