Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Jeff Rosenstock – Post
Jeff Rosenstock- Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, John Dedomenici – Bass, Mike Huguenor – Guitar, Kevin Higuchi – Drums, Dan Potthast – Lap Steel

Mornin! Spoken word.  USA has a folk meets new wave meets punk sound.  Yr Throat has a feleel od running fast down the road with a pink beat.  All This Useless Energy more of a pop punk meets folk sound that is interesting to listen to.  Powerlessness bounce and bop to the punk riff.  TV Stars slow keyboards and interesting vocals that slowly build then slow down. Melba get the floor to dancing and bopping around.  Beating My Head Against A Wall a solid beat that takes you back to the 50s early 60s.  9/10 sing along to an almost lounge lizard style of song.  Let Them Win slow steady rockabilly meets punk style song.

Sur Back – Kitsch II
Caroline Sans- Vocals/ Instruments

Anyone Else ethereal keyboards slow classical and moody with angelic vocals.  Jane Eyre slow melodic keys kinda prog rock in style then a disco beat with soft vocals.  Providence soft moody emotional music.  Valentino interesting jazz meets lounge lizard style of music.

Noi!se – The Scars We Hide
Matt – Vocals/Bass, Nate – Vocals/Guitar, Jesse – Guitar, Kenny – Drums

Rank And File slow steady bass punk style riffs get the pit to moshing.  Glass Half Empty yelling punk style vocals then lost of slammin into each other and bopping around.  The Truth steady beats riffing guitars and pop punk style vocals with some rockabilly added in.  So I Drift Away go back to the days when punk was king lots of bopping and pogoing around.  Silenced Voices overdriven guitars solid beats and pop punk vocals.  Statistics moshing slamming dancing in the circle pit.  Pawn In The Game  punk with melody and sing along vocals.  Plastic Friends crowds bouncing and bopping around then slam dancing into each other.  How We Made It Through sing along and move to the beat of a punk classic.  Bottom Of The Barrel has a metal meets punk rhythm that will have the crowd going nut with some screaming guitars.  Different Road more moshing music to have fun with.  The Future is Waiting crowd bopping dancing and pogoing to the beat and singing along.

Reverse Family – Sampler 04
Unknown- Vocals/Instruments

Do You Want Five Minutes (Day 91) strange percussion and space rock style vocals that just seems to worm its way into your brain.  I’m Looking At You (Day 93) off beat almost like progressive jazz meets new wave with space rock.  I’m Not Wired For This World (Day95) has more of a pop punk meets the Beatles sound that great to sing along with.  The Night Caller From OuterSpace (Day 103) weird percussion sound this could fit in the Beatles Sergeant Peppers era.

Braggers – Live
Este Leon, Richard Gordon

Mashup over driven guitars with a punk rockabilly feel and punk style vocals.  Be My Friend grinding guitar punk riffs solid steady drums and bass with punk new wave style vocals.  Brand New Day a feel good dance to the beat punk song.  Other Side punk meets metal dance and slam to.  Brighter Day get a slow pit to moving and dancing to the beat.  Too Much Fun bopping to the beat and dancing along.  Better Life fast pop punk to just dance along with.


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