Sunday, June 24, 2018

Folks Behind The Music: Ripple's Cardiovascular System

Behind every (not so) great man, is a great woman, and there's definitely a woman backing up the whole Ripple machinery.  Corinne serves as the heart and soul, and band mother of Ripple, helping with promotions, planning, and she is responsible for the tradition of cake being present at many Ripple events.  Yes, nothing says heavy metal like cake!

How did you feel when your husband said he was starting a label?

I laughed.  I knew he didn’t know anything (at the time) about running a label company, but I know my husband.  Go big or go home…All I knew was I had to hold on for this ride.  I support him a million percent.

To what extent did this inspire you to start Rogue Wave?

We wanted to start a label that was more of my “taste”.  Plus its cool!

How has your experience with Rogue Wave informed your understanding of Ripple?

RW is still in its infant stages and it's pretty exciting. What I see what my husband does (he does A LOT) I've learned all the hard work that goes into signing a band, working on contractual agreements, all aspects of worldwide manufacturing, PR, and most important just getting their music out.

What kind of stuff do you get to do with the labels?

I’m simply a shiny disco ball.  I connect with the band mates and make them feel they are part of our family. When they sign the contract our "hope" is that they feel and KNOW we want them to succeed! 

Has working with Rogue Wave changed how you view the music industry?

Well, I think music is a tough business. Everyone wants to be heard and they should.  It''s a constantly changing business, but I believe with hard work, passion and dedication we could all succeed.  That what we want for our bands.

Did previous life experience inform your work with the label?

Absolutely not.

Hell, did you ever think you would be a record label head?

Repeat my last response

What do you think separates Ripple and Rogue Wave from other labels?

Ripple and Rogue are truly a family label. When we sign a band we bring them into our family and I don't think you'll get that from corporate.

Where do you see Rogue Wave going and where do you see yourself going within the label?

I would like to have RW attract amazing musicians and to see these incredibly talented people reach their band goals.

What is your favorite Ripple related memory?

Me: What are you reading?
Todd: A book on how to start a label co.

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Unknown said...

\m/ AWESOME \m/
It's wonderful to see a record label that actually cares about music & musicians vs the corporate mindset of larger labels, CHEERS !!!

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