Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Nigredo – Flesh Torn Spirit Pierced
A – Vocals/Guitar/Bass, Maelstrom – Drums

Ten Repellant Antiforces noise heavy and demonic with blast beats and death vocals.  Necrolatry grabs ahold of you and takes you down a path of pain and destruction.  Choronzon Possession heavy fast demonic musical possession of your soul.  Mental Glimpses At Cosmic Horrors drifting thru space in the blackness of nothingness.  Saturnian Death Cult evil awaits you and sneaks up and takes ahold of your very essence.  Sons of Worthlessness slower but still as eerie and demonic than just slams you into the darkness.  Towards the Monolith more of a fist pumping into the side of a building trying to rip the skin off your hand.  Raging Tides Of Time takes you into a raging frenzy.

The Bad Larrys - Hodads
Sean Flynn – Vocals/Guitar/Blues Harp, Jaret Salvat Rivera -  Guitar, David M Shubs – Bass, Ethan Flynn – Farfisa/Wurlitzer/Theremin, Paul Fenlon – Drums, Danielle Johnson – Vocal Harmonies

Deep Space Radio sitting on the beach watching the waves and partying away by a raging fire.  Barrel Roll Pitted riding the waves trying not to crash and just having a blast.  Foot Vultures take a trip back to the psychedelic 60 and just drift along tripping.  I Like You Anyway get up and dance to this excellent riff all along the beach with friends.  Fired In The Morning surf rockabilly and a slight punk influence get ready to bop around.  Bottom Of The Bag spoken word and a very emotional song about being alone.  BYOB Gallery take a trip back further to the late 50s and just imagine a simpler time.  Super Senior Prom psychedelic guitars with lots of emotions and a much easier time.  Rama, Mammon, Abraxas & Ahriman slow heavy and psychedelic get ready for an amazing musical trip.

Thy Kingdom Slum – A History Of Dissent
Trevor D Block – Guitar, Brandon Gourley – Drums, Chris Mayville – Guitar, Michael Edwards – Vocals, Ray Solomon – Bass

Reign Black Flags slow overdriven heavy riffs and pounding beats with yelling vocals.  Master Plan fist pumping riding down the highway riffs and beats.  Seven get ready to jam and just be enveloped by the music and sing along.  Not Your Enemy great drum bass along with a heavy catchy guitar riff and rough vocals and screeching leads.  Presence Of Mind foot stomping fist pounding metal riffs.

Tower – ST
Sarabeth Linden – Vocals, James Danzo – Guitar, Zak Penley – Guitar, Philippe Arman – Bass, Justin Sherrell – Drums

Tower overdriven guitars pierce the sky slow heavy beats that kicks into overdrive with speed and power and soaring vocals.  I’ve Never Been More Alive get ready to air guitar and fist pump with some excellent metal riffs.  Raceway Rock speed and power rolling down the track and ready to explode.  Party (Ready To Roll) fist in the air foot stompin riffs and screeching guitars with soaring powerful vocals.  Flames speed and power riffs solid and heavy beats that just make you bang your head.  Mountains slow steady bass and drums screeching lead and powerful emotional vocals.  Hold On To Me guitars slowly building in volume a steady heavy rhythm and excellent vocals to sing along with.  Elegy head banging riffs vocals that pierce the sky and guitars that just scream.  Race With The Devil speeding down the highway with the devil next to you racing along a great cover version of the Adrian Gervitz band classic.

Toxin – HF
Ricardo Alonso, Marco Barajas, Samuel Fajardo, Ricardo Rodriguez

(Intro) A Call To Arms feedback building then drums and pounding bass move in with a tribal beat and a speed thrash metal riff.  Affliction get the pit to thrashing and moshing with some aggressive speed metal riffs and scorching guitar leads.  G-Town round and round the pit goes faster and faster slamming bodies colliding with each other.  Horror from Inside continue the onslaught of speed thrash riffs pounding drums thundering bass and screeching lead guitar along with slightly rough vocals.


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