Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Eye of The Destroyer – Starved And Hanging
Joe Randazza – Drums, Chris Halpin – Guitar, Christopher Vlosky – Vocals, Dan Kaufman - Bass
Obsessed with Death pounding heavy demonic death metal that tries to crush you.  Crushed Between Earth And Bone slow plodding like being run over by a steam roller slow and painful.  Starved And Hanging dark heavy deep demonic riffs that just try to steal your very essence.  Mandatory Bludgeoning grabs you and pounds you into submission.

Arkheth – 12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew
Tyrone Kostitch – All Instruments, Glen Wholohan – Saxophone

Trismegistus sounds of war evil and storm building with women weeping then just pure black demonic metal assaults you.  Dark Energy Equilibrium deep dark melancholic evil ascends from under you to devour you.  Where Nameless Ghouls Weep wolves howling witches conjuring and evil abounding.  The Fool Who Persists In His Folly dissonance and evil intent surrounding and devouring.  A Place Under The Sun dragging you down to hell slowly and painfully.

Depravity – Evil Upheaval
Louis Rando – Drums, Lynton Cessford- Guitar, Jamie Kay – Vocals, Ainsley Watkins – Bass, Jarrod Curley – Guitar

Manic Onslaught spoken words and then death and destruction rain down on you in immense proportions.  Insanity Reality the pity goes wild and crazy with evil aggression.  Repugnant sounds slowly building thundering along with power and warlike intent.  Despondency chained to the road a steam roller working its way toward you ready to smash your entire body into the asphalt.  The Great Divide searching for a way to cross the great divide of evil.  Victimizer being pounded and victimized in every way possible thru dark heavy music.  Tormented just jackhammers you from start to finish.  Evil Upheaval evil rises from the black abyss and just takes over the entire world.  Vile Defloration slow melancholic melodic guitars and percussion that works its way into a frenzy.   

Gygax – Second Edition
Eric Harris – Vocals/Bass, Bryant Thockmorton – Guitar, Jeff Potts – Guitar, Peter Campbell – Drums

Dice Throwers Rock N Rollers just good old fashioned blues based rock n roll that makes you move and groove.  It Makes It Worth It foot tyappin air guitar playing solid bluesy hard rock that will make you close your eyes and just drift along.  The lascivious Underdark sit down kick back and enjoy some excellent drum bass interplay with a catchy riff and great sing along vocals and soaring guitar leads.  Pure Hearts is a very Thin Lizzy Influenced melodic hard rock song that will stay with you for days.  Song Of The Silver Hands is a style of song that you would walk into an old backwoods bar and hear the band jamming out to.  Wish is an excellent 70s style of melodic hard rock ballad full of emotional playing and singing.  Heavy Meddle awesome bass guitar work that just works its way into your brain with great playing and bluesy emotion.  Second Wind a great song to cruise down the road listening to and tappin your foot to.

Nest – Metempsychosis
Kyle Keener – Guitar, Corey Stringer – Drums/Vocals

Metempsychosis industrial sounds.  The Cowardice And Rashness Of Courage slow droning music demonic vocals that drag you to the black abyss.  Gallows Of Forever weird melancholy guitar the a sound that grabs you by the throat and chokes the life outa you.  Heretic plodding droning music and rough demonic vocals that just rip into you.  Diving By The Entrails Of Sheep plucking slow guitar that moves into overdrive dissonance.  Jewel Of Iniquity slams into you from the first riffs and just tears you apart.  From Darkness In Me Illuminate evil rising from below taking you back down with it.  Life’s Grief death stoner rock metal that just slowly takes you down to hell.  Outro high pitch noised and weird sounds.  


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