Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Sacral Night - Darkness Process
Antoine Volat – Vocals, Mick Hellstrom – Guitar, Amphycion – Bass, Morkk – Drums

Darkness Process death and destructions rains down on you making you run for your life.  Fullmoon Creep Sacrifice darkness sneaking up behind you trying to grab you and take you to the abyss.  When The Coven Is Opening The Pit out in the darkness and you come upon a coven that is evil and wants you dead for what you saw.  Under The Moonlight demons and ghosts rising from the mists ready to conquer the world.  Witness Of Death fast heavy furious metal riffs that just rip thru your and take over your very soul.

Daze of June –Heart Of Silver
Two Suns interesting industrial sounding riffs and yelling combined with clean vocals.  Summit Fear slowly building melancholy guitar and yelling vocals take you on a strange trip.  June a solid heavy beat that works its way into your brain and some excellent sing along vocals.  The Current slow and steady with industrial sounds and beats strange tempo and yelling vocals along with clean.  It Stays melodic and melancholy weaving its way then a solid heavy beat pounding your soul.  One Wing Only grabs you and throws you into the pit of aggression.  Too Many Epiphanies more industrial sounds and heavy beats along with clean/rough vocals.  Heart Of Silver strange bass intro with guitars that are chainsaw like.  Nibiru strange and weird sounds and cutting guitar riffs.  Shade slow and melodic taking you on a very weird trip thru your mind.

Shadow Realm -  War Of The Archons  
Torsha Khan – Vocals, Matt Gillick – Guitar, Con Koutsouliotas – Drums, Tim Robinson – Keyboards, Pahl Hodgson – Bass

Prelude (The Arrival) dark heavy melodic keyboards. Satanic Twin heavy metal riffs screaming high vocals that just take you to the skies.  Dead Space fist pumping riffs power metal soaring vocals with prog elements and shredding guitars.  Scream Of Darkness speed metal riffs that just take you over soaring vocals and excellent musicianship with blast beat drums in places.  The Awakening slow melodic music that seems as if you are in the dark middle ages of Europe taking you on a very strange trip.  Moloch’s Domain fast heavy and in your face prog metal that will hit all your senses in a good way.  Shadows From Within fast speed prog metal at its finest ready to make you just enjoy the weird trip.   

Sludko – Consumed By Darkness
Barbara Slad – Vocals, Paul Sharp – Bass, Charlie Wood – Guitar, Alex Banman – Guitar,
Christian De La Cruz - Drums

Warning Bells pure power metal riffs pounding drums and thundering bass with powerful female vocals.  I Believed slow eerie pounding rhythms and with blast beat drums and scorching guitar.  Creatures Of The Shadows excellent guitar work a solid heavy beat great thundering bass and powerful vocals.  In My Fantasy thundering bass intro slow and steady with some excellent percussive work then a heavy riff and a fist in the air mentality.  Dark Angels spoken word sounds like witches talking and chanting then the metal riff kicks in and just takes you to a dark place.

The Beaucrees – Give Them A Break
Michael Kain – Guitar, Tony Tutton – Vocals/Drums, Chris Williams – Bass,
Peter Jackson – Guitar/Ukulele, John Astrop – Keyboards

Give Them a Break melodic acoustic guitar then a song that takes you back to the sixties with its influences and sounds.


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