Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Kimi Kärki - Eye For An Eye

One of the most prolific musicians out there is back with his second solo album and, as always, he pushes the envelope. He, of course, is none other than Kimi Kärki. Time flies, we all know that, but I was shocked as I realised 3 years had lapsed since his amazing solo debut, 'The Bone Of My Bones' was released. Having featured heavily on my playlist ever since, it was therefore with the greatest pleasure and excitement I played the new opus, 'Eye For An Eye' for the first time. And how beautiful it is! Like before, this is a largely acoustic, stripped down yet very effectful and emotional recording. Kimi's decision to be minimalistic and go for a less is more aesthetic seems to be very natural and as a consequence, the end-result is wonderful.

I cannot discern a concept as such although the red thread, the common denominator, if you will, is melancholy, ignorance, reverie and a longing for something long lost. ‘Eye For An Eye’ is also a very open, candid, recording with no stones to hide under. Don’t know how personal it is, if at all, still, as a listener you can’t hide from all the emotions and feelings pouring out of this master-piece.

The dark reality of ignorance in ‘Augurs Of Winter’ is one of my absolute favourites. The music is seductive and suggestive while Kimi tells of modern times as we shut our eyes to the destruction of Mother Nature, hoping all the bad in the world will disappear if we stay blind. ‘The Load We Carry’ is another amazing composition which brings out Kimi’s minimalistic side perfectly. Mainly assisted by his acoustic guitar and eerie, almost chorale backing vocals, the burden of guilt and failure so many of us carry daily hits home hard. While there is still so much love and affection within it goes unnoticed because the load we carry is too heavy.

It pleases me immensely when an artist or band I truly admire, takes a step or two forward in their evolution, whilst retaining the core of who they are intact. This is exactly what Kimi has done with ‘Eye For An Eye’. The amazing canvas he used for ‘The Bone Of My Bones’ is still there but it has been broadened and deepened. Speaking of still there, the amazing vocalists Anna-Elena Pääköla and Pirita Känkänen as well as Professor John Richardson return from Opus 1 and they are a natural extension to Kimi’s creation. Not afraid to sing himself Mr. Kärki did bring in another great voice in Patrick Walker from Warning and 40 Watt Sun. Thank you Kimi for this amazing album!


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