Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Guitar-fueled heavy rockers, Beerwolf have signed with Ripple Music for the world-wide release of their debut album, "Planetfall" due later in 2018.

"Holy smokin’ weed, Batman! This band sounds almost like what we would have had if Stevie Ray Vaughan did heavy bluesy doom metal instead of straight blues. The guitaring on this album is just fucking incredible in parts. The bass and drums are not left behind though. Hell no. Planetfall, my friends, is a full effort by everyone involved, and very much worth your time and money.."
--The Fuzz of Doom

Guitar-fueled heavy rockers, Beerwolf have signed with Ripple Music for the world-wide release of their debut album, "Planetfall" due for release August 2018.

Beerwolf, is a term for a German mythical beast, commonly known as a Werewolf.  And Beerwolf is a fitting name for this beastly three-piece from Tampa, Florida, who effortlessly fuse a torrent of ferocious grooves, savage solos, and raging hooks together to form the band's tameless sonic brew. Guitarist Matt Howland--a true guitar God in the making - mixes unbridled vintage leads with modern atmospheric psychedelia, bassist/vocalist Jason Kleim belts forth heralding epics atop driving, palpable low end, and drummer Ashwin Prasad lays down a dynamic bedrock of thunderous percussive blows and energetic fills.

Since 2015, BEERWOLF has brought a feral raw power to the stage harnessed from the early years of rock n roll.  The band are no strangers to unleashing their instruments into the wild and free while playing with such bands as Black Tusk, Royal Thunder, and Mothership.  Their unique fusion of style stands powerfully alongside many genres in the heavy underground, while creating a unique, monstrous sound all  their own.

About their signing to Ripple, the band said, “Ripple’s out there releasing our favorite bands today. To be working alongside the music that inspires us and good people, real human beings that genuinely share same the obsession as you, puts a fire in us. We’re living in a renaissance of rock n’ roll and there’s no better place to find it or better company to keep. We’re stoked to be a part of that and it pushes us all creatively.”

Jason Kleim - bass/vocals
Matt Howland - guitar
Ashwin Prasad - drums

Ripple Music will uncage the Beerwolf debut album August 2018 on exclusive, limited edition multicolored vinyl, black vinyl, CD and digital.  Further, the band is back and hard at work on their follow up album to be released by Ripple in the future.

About the debut album, The Desert Psychlist raved, "Planetfall" is a superb album that's sure to be a serious contender for many of those end of year lists so beloved by fans and critics alike and one that's gonna be spinning on a regular basis here. Check it out ...."

A uniquely gifted band with a singular, solitary sound, Beerwolf plays doom infused heavy psych with all its passion and might.  Beerwolf want it heavy but big and warm, never coldly metallic. Beerwolf songs are heavy with feeling, heavy with conquering power, and beautifully heavy of heart. Actual songs too, woven through with hooks and choruses and crafted with equal inspiration from fantasy and reality in the tradition of the great anthemic riff rockers of yore. Above all, the band has the ability to stun first-time listeners with the utter power of its massive groove, with it's masterful vocals, intense riffing, and powerful rhythm section.

More info on Beerwolf's debut release "Planetfall" LP will be announced soon. Stay tuned to Ripple Music Website for breaking news or the Ripple Music Facebook and Bandcamp.

"The album's opening piece and title track is a massive flood of instrumental space/stoner rock heaviness, comprised of groovy riffs and established in a psychedelic setting full of fuzz, fortitude and cosmic mystery. The stellar track epitomizes the band's spirit and their resonant take on stoner rock."
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