Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – 072

Alright guys, I’m fresh off vacation to New York City which was my first time in the city. The place blew my mind. It’s another world over there. Growing up on the west coast tends to bring the focus on the outdoors more so than the city life. That place makes San Francisco look like a small town. The building never end. Its insane. With that I’ve decided to start just numbering these to ease my creative mind on the titles and to appease my OCD for being somewhat organized. I think this is about what edition it would be at if I was to start at #001. Either way, the music remains the focal point and Bonanza is the outlet. Enjoy edition number 72 from the bonanza recommendations.

Hobosexual – Monolith
I was a little late to the game in checking out the bearded Seattle duo, Hobosexual. Tagged as “2 beards, 4 amps, and more raw talent than Jesus” is putting it quite simply. The name initially drove me away as I do remember collegues yammering about them last year. Well, fast forward to 2018 and a KEXP live set experience later, and you have a new fan in The Huntsman. Check these guys out. They’ve got something special going on for sure.

Khan – Vale
This is certainly one of the more surprising albums I've heard in a while.The progressive psychedelia sweeps with a blistering epic of intoxicating fuzz. The hazy vocal tones and throbbing rhythm put this into the same league as JIRM (Jeremy Irons) It gets better with every listen.Favorite track: Control. Thanks Simon Howard for the heads up.

Cosmos – Coming Home
Might as well get another Melbourne based heavy psychedelic band out of the way, since Australia is arguably the Earth’s best kept secret in terms of hard and heavy rock n roll. My mini blurb on bandcamp was written on day one of listening to the latest by Cosmos.
On my 4th consecutive listen. This is some scorching hot heavy blues. Cosmos has taken the same pill as Aussie brethren Child with a mind numbing assault of psychedelic desert blues. Favorite track: Sea Of Green.

Let it Breathe – Let it Breathe
Let it Breathe is the latest release by New Jersey heavy boutique label STB Records. I had the pleasure of chatting with Steve while on my NYC vacation down in the lower east side of Manhattan and how it was the mecca of the early punk rock and hardcore scene. This debut by Let it Breathe oozes with quality riffs and is another example of how the labels vision was always about quality over quantity. Think Alice in Chains by way of doom and gloom. The riffs maintain a bluesy rocking swagger with just the right amount of low end fuzz. Take a look at that artwork and notice there are still Die Hard vinyl Editions available. Having purchased several die-hard versions from STB I can assure you, they are like nothing else on the vinyl market. The gatefold covers and packaging are worth it.

RRRags – RRRags
The soul is strong with this one. There's a hint of punk rock buried between the bluesy psychedelic jams. I'm getting a stoner rock version of Gov't Mule over on my end.

Aboleth – Benthos
These guys and gal bring the swagger. A hard edged, bluesy swagger that’ll keep your head bobbing to the groove and your fists pumping through the fuzz. True and blue Southern CA Rock n’ roll. For fans of Honeymoon Disease, Spiders, etc. Gotta love that raspy croon and can I say “More Cowbell?”

Doomed & Stoned in Philadelphia
Phuck me Philly this is a heavy underground gold mine. More like The City of Stonerly Doom. Great job compiling another fantastic array of jams D&S team!! This may be the best yet.

Owl Maker – Paths of the Slain
I commented on the drumming with this one. I might add, I have grown to appreciate the drums more and more the older I get. I love it when I can immediately pick them out of the lineup as, in general, I am a guitar guy, as I believe most fans of rock and roll are too. The guitar always seems to steal the spotlight, but as discussed with a buddy of mine the one thing in common with the best rock bands in history is their drumming is superb. Great drumming translates to great music in general. I found this to stick out with Owl Maker on my first impression. Check it out.
Worth it for the drumming alone. Absolutely dominating. The riffs are cool too but the drums annihilate. Love this.

-The Huntsman

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