Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Lord of Pagathorn – Diamono Philia
Sedit – Bass, Hellwind – Vocals/Drums, Corpselord – Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Intro Nietzscherion  strange  guitar sounds evil enveloping you.  Evil To Destroy Evil full fury and force rammed down your throat with evil intentions.  Ghosts Among Us grab on and try to keep from falling into the dark abyss.  Prayer of Desecration slow steady evil walking up behind you to devour you then its slams you with ferocity.  Rise of The Celestial a mid-tempo marching beat ready to squash anything in its path.  Builders of The Higher Places evil demonic souls rise from the black underworld ready to take over the world.  The Spirit Of Perversion fast heavy aggression that just takes you down with it.  Spiritual Spiral Stairs eerie sounding music that just takes you over and makes you wish you were dead.  Throne of Lucifer has spoken words then evil sounds and it makes you kneel at the feet of Lucifer.

Maidavale – Madness Is Too Pure
Matilda Roth- Vocals, Johanna Hansson – Drums, Linn Johanesson – Bass, Sofia Strom – Guitar

Deadlock overdriven guitars tribal drums psychedelic guitar sounds with female vocals.  Oh Hysteria take a trip back to the psychedelic 60 and get ready for a wild ride.  Gold Mind a very catchy beat and some interesting vocals that just stick in your brain for days.  Walk In Silence foot stomping head banging hard psychedelic rock that makes you just groove to the music.  Spaktrum is an excellent blues based acid rock song.  Dark Clouds slow and melodic with some great musicianship that just works its way into your very being taking you on a strange wonderful trip.  Trance excellent bass pounding drums swirling guitars has a Jefferson Airplane feel.  She Is Gone if this song was done in the late 60s it would have had the entire club dancing and swaying to the beat.  Another Dimension close your eyes and trip to the music it will be a strange excellent trip.

Pagandom – Hurt As A Shadow
Martin Carlsson – Guitar, Christian Jansson – Bass/Vocals, Soren Fardvik – Drums, Anders Bjorler - Guitar

Forever thrash speed metal in your face and pounded down your throat aggression.  An Entity A Ghost get the pit a moshing and slamming these guys are full on speed metal.  Hurt As A Shadow is more of a power metal riff that will have the entire crowd movin to the rhythm and singing along.  Behind The Worlds fans of speed thrash will love these guys they are relentless.  Catapults And Trapdoors fist in the air hair flying heavy metal that gets the crowd bouncing and slamming.  Monochrome Vision a very catchy riff that works its way into your brain and stays there for hours.  Breather melodic guitar is just what this song is called a breather from the thrash fury.  Not Of Diamonds back to the speed metal thrash fury with some fist pounding riffs.  Bridges Burn great guitar riffs pounding drums thundering bass get ready to kick some ass.  Terminal Narcissist interesting beats reminds me of Anthrax man these guys are tight and professional.  No Hope To Be Lost head banging at its finest you will have a sore neck by the end of this album.  Flooded City slows down but is still just as heavy and relentless with its power.         

Powerhouse – Adrenaline
Andy Montoya – Drums, Lance Martinez – Guitar, Niko Valdez – Guitar, Luke Peterson – Vocals, Nate Crocker – Bass, Quinten Lawson – Guitar/Vocals, Jaelum Herrera – Bass, Seth Amos – Drums

Heavier Than Thunder fist pumping power metal that just gets you ready to rumble with the music.  Trigger Warning excellent metal that will make you stand up and scream hell yeah and play air guitar along with this great riff.  Project X tribal beats that just work their way into your brain and a riff that just takes you over along with some scorching lead guitar.  Through The Ringer fist in the air sing along and move to the very catchy rhythm lets rock.  Crush’ Em the title says it all get ready to be crushed and enjoy it.

Retched – The Overlord Messiah
Roger – Bass, Mike- Drums, David – Guitar, Tom – Guitar, Doug Vocals

Black Leather And Me power metal from the glory days with great sing along vocals and an very catchy riff.  Insane more of a speed metal riff that just grabs you and takes you down the road on a trip.  Metal Knights classic metal mixed with some prog elements.  The Overlord sounds of war and a thundering rhythm that reminds you of classic Iron maiden.  The Pharaohs Curse sounds of wind and evil surrounding you with gongs from hell then the thundering of hoofs bringing hell down on you.  Rock Me power glory thunder and lightning raining down with melodic guitars then a steady riff and some soaring vocals just pure power metal at its best.


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