Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Visions of the Night – Supreme Act Of War
Wolvesblood – Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Mirai Kawashima – Bass/Keyboards, Todd Hansen – Drums

Lurking In The Jungles sounds of the jungle and fighting along with some extremely heavy drums and guitar riffs.  Longinus power and destruction marching along to devour.  Metal Supremacy grabs you and beats your head against the wall over and over till you are destroyed.  Western Trench Line marching into battle ready to die or kill.  Struggle Through Loss slow powerful riff and heavy drum bass rhythms with dark vocals.  Yamato fast and destructive power and force annihilating all in its path.  Allied Airpower chainsaw guitars spoken dark death vocals that just grind you to a pulp.  Reign of Steel (Break The Siege) get the pit ready for a mosh pit in hell thrashing about.  Deus Vult grabbing you and grinding you into the very earth that you came from slow and demonic.

Whoopie Cat – ST
Dan Smoo – Vocals/Guitar, Josh Brandon – Bass, Jo Eileen – Keyboards, Jesse Juzwin – Guitar, Jaksen Juzwin  - Drums

Amy Rose close your eyes kick back and enjoy some amazing guitar work with a slow blues riff and heartfelt vocals.  When She Goes melodic guitar slow and bluesy takes you back to the 60s with bands like The animals and other blues based rock bands.  Sun Don’t Shine a slow jazz blues tune with lots of deep emotion.  Taken Money kick back and enjoy this melodic blues/jazz style song with some great guitar work and solid rhythms.  As Long As I Can Get goes back to the times of sitting in a small dark room listening to some great music.  When The Light mellow piano and guitar that weaves its way around you enveloping you in a drifting sound.  Boat Song drifting along on the water listening to soulful great guitar and a solid heavy blues beat.

Within The Nova – Infinite Cycles
Diana Pascu – Vocals, Alex Rizae – Guitar, DJolt Mondovici – Guitar, AhKosh Mondovici – Bass, Richard Ebner – Drums

Forsake The Crown is excellent prog metal with female vocals clean and growling with many twist and turns.  Rogue Empire awesome keyboards heavy riffs and great musicianship.  Enslaved heavy drums pounding bass excellent keyboards and soaring vocals take you on a great trip.  Infinity great soaring vocals fast prog metal beats and some all-around excellent music that just take you away to another place and time.  Ground Zero industrial sounds and rhythms with lots of melody and emotion that turns into a metal riff that just has you fist pumping.  The Idealist great music that will have you kicking back and just jamming away.  The Realist grabs you and slowly strangles you with its emotional playing.

YOB - The Great Cessation
Mike Scheidt – Guitar/Vocals, Aaron Reiseberg – Bass – Travis Foster – Drums

Burning The Alter feedback slowly building heavy regrinding riffs and dark demonic vocals.  The Lie That Is Sin worms its way into your being ripping and tearing with violent intent.  Silence Of Heaven dark and demonic evil slowly drudging its way into your brain.  Breathing From the Shallows weird guitar feedback that is almost sinister and eerie with lots of dark emotions.  The Great Cessation acoustic melancholy guitar that works its way into a dark place that is full of evil.  Blessed By Nothing chainsaw guitars that just shred and tear at your musical ears forcing them to submit to it.  Pain like Sugar is more of a blues based meets death metal feel that drags you to the black abyss.

Bullhead – Black Goat Abortion
Josh Turner – Guitar/Drums, Stuart Lewis – Bass/Vocals  

Yodok Pigeon Abortion extreme feedback slow pounding drums grinding guitars and deep yelling vocals that just grind away at you.  Black Tsunami drives a steak right thru you with its grinding aggression.  Night Goat rumbling bass grinding riffs and dark vocals end this sludge fest of doom.  


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