Friday, April 6, 2018

Demon Head - The Resistance

 J.W. - Drums
M.S.F. - Bass
B.G.N. - Guitar
T.G.N. - Guitar
M.F.L. - Vocals

Denmark’s Demon Head is a doom metal and hard rock band with a preference towards the dark and psychedelic sound. The band produce angular riffs and the chorus are both demonic and epic.

The Copenhagen-based five-piece serving us a follow-up to their masterpiece ”Thunder In the Fields” and their seven-track/40-minute debut, ”Ride the Wilderness” and it sounds good.

Demon Head have come a long way since their debut. Ride the Wilderness set themselves apart from the heavy influences of bands like Pentagram and put them more into the sounds of bands like the Swedish In Solitude but not without losing what made them special in the beginning. The sound is more colossal in scope, it’s heavier soundwise and also filled with some sinister. It’s driven by bass-heavy tones and put the listener in a complete darkness surrounded by the psych warmth.

I can assure you that I thought that the two songs on ”The Resistance” were songs left out from the recording sessions of ”Thunder on the Fields” but after listening I’m not sure anymore. The guitar work felt more meditative and layered. The dynamic pipes of the singer who reminds me of Glenn Danzig and Dave Hill,  M Ferreira Larsen has a wonderful accent and his tone brings some horror and darkness that few other bands in the genre are managed to do. Demon Head are in my opinion a heavily underrated band but now they finally have grow into their skin. If you've never heard about Demon Head before I think this EP may be a nice introduction to them. The Resistance are the perfect epilogue to the previous albums that pulls from their conceptions and looks to the future.

The Resistance” are described by the band as a “homage to those who defy tyranny”. I get the vibe of sitting in a cabin far out in the woods with a snowstorm raging outside. Everything feels nice but the undertone of the song gives me a feeling of something scary, creepy going by just outside the window. Something that's unmentionable but very frightening. The horror in the past, present and in the future surrounds the cabin. It’s a moody and subdued song compared to “Rivers of Mars” and shows a different side of Demon Head I think the listener deserve to hear.

The Song “Rivers of Mars” are easy to compare with ”Night of the Demon” and Pentagram .It makes senses but I also see similar point to the sound of the Swedish band Witchcraft around ”Nucleus” Why? Maybe perhaps the wailing guitar solos,the feeling of sitting by the campfire listening to melodies that open all your senses wide.

If your not hooked on the band like I am it may the perfect time to be. The future looks very bright for Demon Head.


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