Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Highrider – Roll For Initiative
Andreas Fagerberg-  Bass/Vocals, Carl Axel Wittbeck – Drums, Eric Radegard- Guitars,
Christopher Ekendahl- Keyboards

Nihilist Lament thrash metal at its finest it reminds me of Nuclear Assault fast heavy and lots of emotion and lead guitar.  A Burial Scene slow plodding and extremely heavy sounds like the hands of doom are coming for you.  Batteries would be a moshers favorite with lots of speed and aggression along with some searing lead guitar.  The Greater Monkey starts with keyboards that build like a church organ then the band comes in with some excellent work then the keyboards take the stage imagine Nuclear Assault with organ.  Vagina Al Dente a strange drum beat and guitar feedback then a Sabbath style bass comes in then it gets extremely heavier with organ imagine Sabbath meets older Uriah Heep then mix in older Anthrax and Nuclear Assault sounds weird but it works.  Emotional Werewolf another strange mix of thrash speed metal and progressive metal along with some punk style vocals.  Roll Dee Twenty is straight ahead speed metal with organ and some scorching lead guitar work.  The Rope And The Blade slow and steady prog metal that turns into a mix with stoner rock metal.

Jessie Brown – Keeping Appearances
Jessie Brown – Vocals/Keyboards, Jason Vautour – Bass/Guitar/Vocals, Thomas Spence – Drums/Vocals

Debt (We Aint Got No Money) deep bass guitar keyboards and bluesy vocals what an interesting combo but it works.  Ghost more deep bass piano and slow plodding drums with more bluesy vocals.  Keeping Appearances has a straight forward beat that changes tempo more than once very different.  Someone Else sounds like old motown.  Regret takes you back to the seventies motown almost disco era.  Voyeur is closer to prog rock mixed with the blues.  Stepped Out slow bass plucking with motown style vocals.  Undertow another slow blues based motown meets prog rock song.  That’s What Happens is just straight forward 70s motown blues.  A Thank You just straight forward blues with great vocals.

Jupiterian – Terraforming
V-Voices/Guitars/Percussion/Synths, A- Guitars, R- Bass, G – Drums

Matriarch strange sounds and low rumbling bass that work its way into the sounds of hell fire and brimstone with evil vocals.  Unearthly Glow feedback slow plodding and evil.  Forefathers sounds of wind and chimes along with some strange sounds that sneak up behind you and strangle you with demonic intent.  Terraforming evil sci-fi sounds that slowly worm its way into your soul it’s like being lost deep in space.  Us And Them slowly builds then kicks you in the teeth and tries to pull them outSol deep slow bass and drums that comes from the bowels of hell itself.

Mason – Impervious
James Benson – Guitar/Vocals, Grant Burns – Guitar, Steve Montalto – Bass, Nonda T – Drums

Eligos is the metal march intro into Burns which is a mix of old Anthrax, Nuclear Assault and MOD/SOD.  Tears Of Tragedy continues the mosh fest with some excellent riffs and fast drums and yelling singling vocals. The Afterlife sounds of wind and feedback with some great guitar work that kicks into a mosh pit festival of sounds.  Impervious is just straight ahead thrash metal at its finest with some scorching guitar work.  Cross This Path thrash meets punk in the excellent song.  Sacrifice is Motorhead meets Slayer meets old Metallica.  Hell Bent On Chaos another full on in your face speed thrash metal I like Motorhead meets Overkill meets MOD.  Created to Kill Anthrax meets MOD/SOD meets Nuclear Assault hard fast and heavy.


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