Monday, October 9, 2017

WESTWARD - The Empire of Deception


This band from Salt Lake City was quickly crowned by fans as playing “Cowboy Space Rock.”  This is because Westward’s original songs are flavored with a mixture of western trail music combined with futuristic motifs and underlying tones that scream modern and progressive rock.

The album has a fresh sound that grabs the listener right from the start with synth stabs, soaring vocals, and tight playing that make your feet move and make you want to dance. The album includes 10 tracks which feature two singles; “The Last Stand” which has been released as their official lyric single for this album, and the official music video “Force and Matter.” Both songs are just massive and are perfectly chosen as singles from this album with the high energy and expert playing, they give the listener an idea of where this album is going. They are similar in sound to Muse and Radiohead, but manage to keep their own identity and run with it. The songs are not pretentious like some from those mentioned bands, these are concise and full of emotion and are so damn catchy that you can’t get the out of your head. “Machines” is one of my favorite songs on the album with the sky-high vocals, and the sound of new wave bands from the ‘80s, but still fresh enough to sound modern at the same time.

This album was a definite surprise to me, as I had not heard of this band before, but what an impression they made on me. I recommend this album and really hope that people will buy it and go see them live if they get the chance…I don’t want this much talent to fade away, they need you and will give us great things in the future, as well as this awesome album right now with your help.

-Rick Ecker

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