Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Xroadie Files

BongCauldron – Binge
Corky – Bass /Vocals, Biscuit – Guitar/Vocals, Jay- Drums

Devil is excellent stoner rock with lots of fuzz and distortion guitar.  Bury Your Axe In The Crania Of is slow plodding bass then the rest of the band kicks in with a very Sabbath sound.  68 is a faster speed metal style of song in the Motorhead meets Sabbath vein.  Binge is slow plodding stoner rock.  Bigfoot Reigns is a mid-tempo kicks you in the gut gets you rockin grooving song.  Hopeless is a slow Sabbath style o song with some excellent guitar work.  Toxic Boglin slow steady and deadly and vicious.  Yorkshire Born is Sabbath meets Motorhead meets Raven.

Crosss – Snakes Split EP
Snakes -  Brett Nelson, Ian Waters, Josh Galloway, Jim Roth, Steve Gere

Old Like Hell 9 minutes of melodic psychedelia.  Hypothermia Pt2 is over 15 minutes of is just strange flowing instrumental music that reminds me of Tangerine Dream.

Crosss – Andy March – Guitar/Vocal, Suzie Burke – Drums/Vocals, Michael Stein – Bass

Cold Hands reminds me of old Pink Floyd meets stoner rock slow and tripping.  The Afterlight is another stoner meet psychedelia style of music meets the Stones.  I Got Lo takes you on a trip far away into your mind has an Amboy Dukes feel to it mixed with Pink Floyd.  Descent takes you into the further reaches of your mind where you’re not sure what is real.

Castle – Welcome To The Graveyard
Mat Davis – Guitar/Vocals, Liz Blackwell – Vocals/Bass, Al Mcartney - Drums

Black Widow has a great riff that has you movin and grooving with some excellent female vocals.  Hammer and The Cross is another excellent metal song that has you playin air guitar and drums along with excellent vocals and great guitar work.  Welcome To The Grave Yard is a melodic heavy metal song with some interesting lyrics and foot tapping riffs.  Veil of Death starts of solely with some excellent guitars and vocals then shredding guitar and a fist pumping riff these people know how to rock.  Flash Of The Pentagram is straight forward Motorhead style of head banging metal.  Traitors Rune is power metal at its finest with a Dio style and feel excellent to sing along to as well.  Down in The Cauldron Bog is melodic at first with some excellent guitar that slowly builds and shred at the perfect times.  Natural Parallel is an excellent way to end this great metal album lots of riffs and feelings with great vocals.

Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper
Dylan Desmond – Bass/Vocals, Jesse Schreibman – percussion/Hammond B3/ Vocals

Mirror Reaper get ready to sit back and just enjoy a 83 minute song that starts very slowly tripping away and very slowly builds in intensity mix gothic metal and hard rock with Tangerine Dream that’s what you have here.

Exhumed – Death Revenge
Michael Bud Burke – Guitar/Vocals, Michael Hamilton – Drums, Matthew Harvey – Guitar/Vocals, Ross Sewage – Bass/Vocals

Death Revenge Overture is a very melancholic intro to Defenders Of The Grave which comes on full force in your face with vocals that seems to come from a demons mouth and hard heavy riffs with blast beats.  Lifeless is slower but just as ferocious in nature then it just kicks you in the teeth.  Dead End has more of a metal intro with some amazing riffs and drumming then it grabs you by the throat and won’t let go.  Night Work has a Slayer style with more dark vocals.  Unspeakable is punk death speed thrash metal in your face punching away.  Grave Markers of Edinburg is an orchestral instrumental then The Harrowing punches you in the throat and just annihilates you.  A Funeral Party more Slayer meets Death in your face pummeling.  The Anatomy Act Of 1832 slow piano works its way into your brain like a worm then several time changes from fast to mid to slow continue thru the song.  Incarnadined Hands reminds me of Destruction from Germany fast heavy with deep gruff vocals.  Death Revenge is more punk meets metal meets death metal ferocity.


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