Monday, October 2, 2017

The Xroadie Files

NYOS – Navigation
Tom Brooke – Guitar, Tuomas Kainulainen- Drums

Harlem feedback slowly builds then melodic guitar moves into a mid-tempo rhythm which builds to the end.  La Playa reminds me of some of the soundtracks to the old twilight zone shows.  Navigator is a wall of noise and in your face sounds that goes down in tempo till the end.  Bison full on guitar wall of sound and drums that has a few time changes.  I’m A Dream has another interesting melodic intro that builds and then slows down.  Icon guitars pluck away then the drums come in at a weird tempo and electric riffs working its way faster then slower thru the song.

Psychobolia – Chairoscuro
Ginger – Vocals, Buru – Guitar, Michael – Bass, Gogo – Drums

Feast Of Pills grabs you by the throat and just try and rip it out will full on violence.  Oxygen has that Slayer feel to the ferocity.  Order In Chaos continues the onslaught of dark brutal metal.  Full Bloom has a very interesting time change in the intro and then just annihilates the senses.  Alter builds till it just surrounds you and pounds you to death.  Self-Obliteration has you banging you head into a wall till its bruised and bloody.  Crimson Abysses throws you down an abyss falling faster and faster never hitting bottom.  Chairoscuro obliterates the senses with its brutal sound.  Lethal Substance takes you to the depths of hell and leaves you there to burn.  Killing Void has a few starts and stops and pounds you till you submit.  Silent Mistakes grinds and pummels you with brutal sounds.  Severance Echoes ends the brutal metal onslaught with more fire and violence.   

Synapse Defect – Gridsludge
Snap Hard – Percussion, Donny Darko – Guitar, Krackerhead – Guitar, Mr. Friendly – Bass, Chuck Cheney – Vocals

Gridsludge is a one song single that has spoken word then just jumps you from behind and tries to rip your skull off with ferocity.

The Flying Eyes – Burning of The Season
Adam Bufano – Guitar, Mac Hewitt – Bass/Vocals, Will Kelly – Vocals/Guitar, Elias Schutzman – Drums

Song Praise has a great drum / bass intro then the guitars kick in with a very Sabbath style of riff with a 60s psychedelic edge.  Come round builds like a motorcycle speeds past then the solid rhythm and some excellent feedback fuzz sounds with a Hendrix feel.  Drain slowly builds in tempo a great sixties tinted song to trip to.  Circle of Stone takes you back to the days of psychedelic rock where jamming and tripping was the norm in a very Cream style of sound.  Fade Away starts with a Cajun feel to the music then moves into more of a southern rock meets backwoods style.  Farewell is another Cream style song that just winds on but in a good way with lots of feeling then ends with some amazing lead guitar.  Rest Easy has a slow easy start with a bluesy feel with some excellent guitar work.  Oh Sister drumming then bass starts the song then the guitar kicks in with some excellent vocals.  The song slows down in the middle then speeds up at the end.  This is a great album for fans of sixties psychedelic rock

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