Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Wayward Sons – Ghosts Of Yet To Come
Toby Jepson – Vocals/ Guitar, Sam Wood-Guitar, Nic Wastell – Bass, Phil Martini – Drums, Dave Kemp – Keys

Alive begins this amazing album with an almost Led Zeppelin riff, very blues based hard rock, this is a great sing along song.  Until the End has your feet tapping from the very first beat, get ready to play air guitar like you did when you were a kid.  Ghost has an almost punk beat to it mixed with some great hard rock.  I Don’t Wanna Go starts with a great bass and then an awesome rhythm kicks in on the guitar, this song has kind of an ACDC feel to it.  Give It All reminds me of Toby’s old band Little Angels excellent riffs great backbeat and awesome vocals.  Killing Time starts off with a very Bad Company feel to the music this is a very blues based hard rock song.  Crush has an excellent rhythm and great sing along vocals.  Another song that was influenced by the great English blues bands of the sixties and seventies.  Be Still has the feel of a Thin Lizzy song.  Great vocals to sing along to and excellent music to bob your head to.  Small Talk could have been released in the 70s and done great on the radio.  The last song Something Wrong is slower and very emotional, an excellent way to end the album.

Dirty Thrills -  Heavy Living
Louis James – Vocals/ Harmonica,   Jack Fawdry- Guitar, Steve Corrigan – Drums,  Aarons Plow- Bass

I’ll Be With You is a mix between Bad Company, Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk.  Great tempo changes frame an excellent emotional song.  Go Slow starts with a very Blue Cheer style rhythm then the Grand Funk influence kicks in.  Law Man has a very 70’s feel to the song great drums and excellent vocals to sing along to, the entire band is very good at holding a groove.  Hanging Around starts with some guitar that makes you just kick back close your eyes and jam to.  This song reminds me of Ride Captain Ride by Blues Image.  Very emotional acoustic guitar is how Lonely Soul begins then it slowly builds full of emotion with some great lead guitar.  Then it slows back down near the end of the back and forth.  No Resolve reminds me of Jimi Hendrix full of great guitar and feeling. Interlude is a very Pink Floyd feeling instrumental into The Brave 1 this could be a Grand Funk song from the early days.  Drunk Words is a very blues based Cream style of song.  Drunk Words is a cross between Cream and Led Zeppelin.  The last song Get Loose ends the album with a great sing along dance to the beat song.


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