Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Gin Lady – Electric Earth
Magnus Kamebro – Vocals / Joakim Karlsson – Guitar, Vocals
Anthon Johansson -  Bass, Vocals/ Fredrik Normark - Drums

This band may be from now but one listen and Flower People takes you back to the great music of the late 60’s early 70’s.  This song is very bluesy and soulful.  I’m Your Friend is a cross between the Allman Brothers and Tom Petty.  Excellent music to just kick back with a few friends and have a cold one.  Badger Boogie continues the trip through the glory days of music as some people think great bluesy rock.  The Things You Used to Do sounds like something that could have been played at Woodstock.  Excellent to sing along to.  Mercy has some great soulful acoustic guitar playing and is another one that sounds like Grand Funk could have done it.  Brothers of the Canyon takes you back again to a combination of Crosby Stills Nash and Young and the Allman Brothers.  Some excellent heartfelt guitar work on this one.  Rolling Thunder has more of a Rolling Stones feel mixed with some southern rock.  Water and Sunshine sounds like it is very Beatles influenced with some blues thrown in.  Wasted years continues the trip through the late 60’s early 70’s great song to sing along with.  Running No More ends this great collection of songs each one a trip down memory lane.  

Gross Reality - Escaping Reality 
Daniel Powell – Bass, Vocals / Roland Arthur – Guitar/ Jason Wheeler – Drums

Dimensional slowly builds then kicks in with some excellent drums and guitar then into full blown speed metal.  Excellent Bass intro then back and forth between drums and bass then the guitars kick in and a very spacey speed metal feel surrounds you.  An excellent song with lots of feeling.  Zero Day kicks in overdrive from the very start and has sort of a speed meets thrash punk feel to it that reminds me of Raven.  The Incomplete is another speed thrash song that still has lots of emotion to the music.  Also some great tempo changes.  Invitation starts with a very ethereal guitar slowly building as the drums and bass meld in then a great mid-tempo riff starts to churn about with some very space rock vocals.  Soul Worn Thin is an excellent speed thrash song with a great riff to mosh to. Into The Vault may be the heaviest song on the album great in the style of Testament and Annihilator.  Escaping Gravity also starts with some amazing bass playing then the rest of the band slowly works their way into the song.  Kind of a spacy Hawkwind style of song.

Gutslit – Amputheatre
Gurdip Singh Narang- Bass / Kaushal LS – Vocals / Prateek  Ragajopal – Guitar / Aaron Pinto – Drums

Hailing from India Gutslit are a Brutal Death Metal / Grind band. The title songs start’s the grind fest off with the sounds of a battle.  Then Brazen Bull kicks in with all the might of a sledgehammer to the face and vocals from a pissed off demon.  From One Ear to Another is next continuing the assault of your senses like a worm boring into one ear and out the other.  Necktie Party is yet another in your face brutal assault like getting punched in the face.  Blood Eagle is slightly slower and plodding then like a hammer to the back it just annihilates you.  Brodequin grabs you by the throat and continues to hammer your head against the wall.  Maraschino Eyeballs is like having you eyes pulled out and stomped right in front of you sheer terror.  Schapism continues the blastbeats   riffing guitars and rhythms from the depths of hades.  Death Hammer ends this onslaught of grind core terror with a slow plodding Pantera style riff then kicks into overdrive like being kicked in the face until you finally submit.


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