Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Devangelic – Phlegethon
Comatose Music
Paolo Chiti – Vocals / Mario Di Giambattista – Guitar
Damiano  Bracci – Bass / Marco Coghe - Drums

Plagued by Obscurity starts the album and slowly builds like its working its way into your soul then the blast beats and extremely growling vocals kick in and it seems as if this song wants to tear you apart from the inside Mutation Above Salvation is next and the onslaught continues feeling as if you have been run over and they are backing up to do it all over again.  Maggotts and Disease has a slower plodding start but then kicks in to continue the annihilation of your senses.  Malus and Invictus feels as if a worm is boring thru your brain making you lose all control.  The album continues to assault the senses with Abominated Impurity of the Oppressed and Condemned to Dismemberment. Wretched Incantations is an instrumental with some very evil sounds.  Manifestation of Agony goes right back to the blast beats and vocals that seems to come from a very pissed off demon.  Decaying Suffering and Ashpyxiation upon Phlegethon end the sounds the album with something like the sounds of hell being released on earth.  This album is only for true fans of extreme death metal. 

Ironflame – Lightning Strikes The Crown
Andrew DCagna – Vocals, Bass, Drums
Guitars – Jim Dofka, Aaron Carey, Justin Wood, Johnathan Crow
Divebomb Records

Fans of true power metal need to check out this album Firestorm begins the festival of true metal magic.  Excellent guitar riffs and soaring vocals and screaming guitars complete the melding of sounds.  Marching On has you head banging from the very first note for the ages.  The Gorgon is more of a power speed metal song with some excellent tempo changes.  Fans of bands like Gamma Ray and Helloween will totally get into Heavy Metal Warriors just pure fist pumping metal for all. Eternal Night is very Iron Maiden influenced with a galloping rhythm and soaring vocals.  Fallen Glory is another great fist in the air head banging song that will have the entire crowd moving in unison.  What We’ve Sown has an excellent dual lead harmony guitar and almost speed metal tempo to it along with more excellent vocals.  Shadow Queen takes back to the olden days of classic Judas priest like heavy metal with a riff that makes it impossible to not start head banging and foot tapping to it.  Kingdom Come is another Iron Maiden Influenced song along with a taste of Hammerfall this song makes you want to take the world by the tail and make all your dreams come true.  Fighting Onward ends this excellent album it slowly builds this song has some great vocal harmonies and lead guitar.  This band and album is definitely for fans of power metal give it a listen.

Moller Records
Einarinda – all electronic instruments

The song Ripples starts of this album of electronica from Iceland imagine a mix of old Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream and that is what this sounds like.  This is music to sit down relax and just flow with the music.  I'm Not the One starts with some strange kind of flowing music and weird word sequences.  Take Me Down ends the ep with more very ethereal music and words.  This is music for a select few that enjoy this style.


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