Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lord - Blacklisted

For a band who was on the brink of extinction only a few years ago, Lord is a Phoenix Rising. Instead of rolling over and dying, they revamped and are now putting out top shelf record after top shelf record. The never-say-die attitude of founder Willy Rivera and his el compadre, Steven Kerchner, flows rapidly through Lord's veins. As is extremely vivid in the new wax, 'Blacklisted'.

More aggressive than ever, Lord brings out the much-imposed destruction of Mother Earth, as well as the powers behind all this. But that’s not all, they also focus on the beacons within this mayhem. Beacons who work hard at making a difference, who try to instill a different way of thinking in people but also to make them realize Armageddon is coming. Quickly. At 500mph. So unless we stand up and make things change, all the Rothschilds and Rockefellers will continue to rape our world.

The brutal and heavy opener ‘Mile After Mile’ is a very gripping song about one such light in the darkness. It features Tattoo Tom Mitchell on vocals, screams et al who started the organization Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation, when his daughter Shayla sadly passed away after a long brave fight against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Not wanting to give up being brave like she was, his aim with this organization is to help children who are fighting cancer, as well as helping their families in any kind of way. One thing Tattoo Tom does to raise awareness to the cause is run 100 mile and 200 mile marathons. Depending on the distance he brings either 100 or 200 photos of children still fighting cancer or whom have sadly lost the fight. And this song is about running such a marathon but also it is about these very brave and strong children.

The second song to bring forth warriors is ‘The Heart Of A Hero’. Bleak and minimalistic musically, it focuses lyrically on people fighting on the barricades trying to bring hope and light into this crazy world we live. In this case it’s about a woman standing up for children in bad situations, when no one else will. No matter the cost to herself. Selfishness is evaporated and replaced by true empathy, something which is severely lacking in our society today.

Now, the remaining 4 tracks are about lies, corruption, wars, talking behind backs and belittling, shunning and blindness from the safety of your couch…amongst many things! Things that all bring downfall on us all. Just check out the brilliance of ‘They Lied!’, ‘The Bandage’, ‘Blacklisted’ and ‘Not Your Problem?’ and you have a spot on social commentary brought with a venomous tongue and at a furious speed. Fucking brilliant!

Lord tells it like it is, there’s no sugar coating anything and it shouldn’t be either. Social injustice, abuse and neglect cannot be ignored if more of us take notice and stand up. If not, we’re all fucked. Lord has done an amazing job creating this beast and I am so happy they kept going when things looked bad. We need them since their music is fantastic and they are not afraid to speak their mind! Thank you guys!


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