Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kungens Män - Dag & Natt

(Adansonia Records)

Suddenly I found myself sitting in front of my sound system. It was late at night and darkness ruled outside the windows. I was staring at the speaker. Listening. My mind was expanded beyond the grey reality of the real world and my mind was absorbed by this music. I was connected to the soul of sound. Of the organism that lives inside the decibels.

I was listening to Kungens Män.

This band has been around for a while now constantly releasing new music. Back in 2014 they released one new album a month (!) via their Bandcamp page. Not everything may have hit the spot but you've got to admire a band that doesn’t have so many filters and lets you connect with the force of creativity in a band. The soul of Kungens Män is the improvisation. It is the nucleus.  It is the star from which they navigate. And then they add the progressive elements and the noise rock.

A free jazz infused Sonic Youth might be a good description.

The latest offering is a two part album. Disc one is called “Dag” (Day) and the second “Natt” (Night). The titles of the songs indicate an ambition to describe the feelings of the different parts of the 24 hours of a day and night. But trying to describe each song as individual tracks is utterly pointless as it all gets blurry a few minutes into the first track “Morgonrodnad”.  The 13 minutes of dreamy grooves laced with an angelic saxophone feels like just one second and an eternity at the same time. Then everything gets hazy for the next 90 minutes. Time passes. The music fills up your head and then explodes peacefully.

Then: silence.

And you find yourself staring at the speaker.

-The Void

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