Saturday, August 12, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Don’t Judge Me

Do you ever feel like people are judging you by what kind of music you listen to? No need to worry here, we only judge folks by what they aren’t listening to for the most part. These albums here make part of some more of the best music you’re not listening to and it’s our mission to change that. Let’s kick things right into gear with one of the heaviest outings of the season so far. Not only is it heavy but its mandatory vinyl worthy being released this weekend on STB Records. Olde are not that old, in fact this is their sophomore album with an EP release late in 2016 in preparation for the new album Temple. Head over the the STB bandcamp page as there are still vinyl pre-orders up for sale, which is rare for the label. I grabbed a die hard edition. You will shit your pants when you see the covers to these die-hards STB is putting out, worth it for the cover alone.

Olde – Temple
This may very well be the heaviest album of the year. Primal, doom-ridden hypnotic sludge metal with earth shaking rhythm and skull cracking groove.

Since we started off with the heaviest album I’ve featured so far this year, we’ll keep it in ascending order in terms of blatant abuse. Next up comes a fine album and third full length by Texas rockers Greenbeard called Lödarödböl.

They say the third time is the charm and Greenbeard have proven that statement with their latest offering. The Texas trio have taken their blistering stoner riffage to new heights melting faces with bluesy psychedelia, precision vocal tones and a radiant progression of song craft. The artwork continues on the theme of badassery with another example of supremacy. You can't afford not to grab the 1st press on vinyl.Favorite track: Wyrm.

The next album is a new discovery for myself and popped up just earlier this week on the good old bandcamp feed courtesy of Mr. Steve Woodier host of The Shrieks From Below blog. Although he has a tendency to sport some of the most horrendously brutal albums on the feed, he also has some of the best ears in bandcamp and snatches up even some soft rockers from time to time. This time he recommended Have Blue and their new album Melted Mind. Its title hits the spot as your skull will be smoking shortly after the first song riffs start blazing.

Have Blue have melted my mind with a heavy dose of acidic fuzz resulting in possible death by electrocution.

This is where it’s okay to put your judging suit on. The Judge just released Tell it to the Judge, their sophomore album via the one and only Ripple Music and it’s been adjourning our free time with retro glazed riffs ever since. It’s probably a good idea to grab the limited vinyl to go with your copy of the debut re-released by Ripple last year.

Me: Your honor, the vintage melody is jammed with psychedelic flavoring, the solo ballads blaze with heavy blues and the vocals croon like a moonlit howl of a werewolf. I haven't heard riffs this ornery since 1975.

Judge: Says here you were born in 81'. Guilty on all counts. I sentence you to mandatory vinyl treatment. Lock him away in Ripple purgatory boys.

Me: Thank you your honor.

This one I haven’t been able to stop playing lately. Its go such an infectious buzz to it. Take a listen for yourself. The Moonshine Brand – Welcome to Gypsy Town is name your price and I’ll be judging when I don’t see your profile pic pitched under the album cover on bandcamp.
I love the guitar tone paired with the jangly vocal haze. Mind expanding melodies gently strewn among spiritual, surf-stricken blues.

We’ll finish off this week’s edition with a killer album coming from way down south in Argentina sung in their native tongue and honking their horns to the stoner realm with pride.  Montaña Electrica - Selvas y Trópicos should be taken seriously. Don’t be scared of the Spanish lyrics because the music is a rocking good time.
I'm a sucker for a good horn, especially injected in a soulful capacity to the tune of a smooth psychedelic rock act. Never mind the language barrier, these cats got it going on.

As always let us know what you think, tell a friend, go to a show. If not for all of us camping out here in the underground, the world would be a less enjoyable place. When your friends are judging you over your loud music, turn it up louder and tune it down lower. Bonanza judges only those who do not listen.

-The Huntsman

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