Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Back To School

As many of children and students are feeling right about now, school is back, homework once again dominates our stress levels, and to top it off soccer is in effect. In today’s age, it’s not just soccer moms who trample the sidelines at the middle school grass, but dads are now just as prevalent. What can we do to combat these loads imposed by western culture on us? We can head to bandcamp and blast some killer tunes! Kids and parents are all welcome. There is no age limits and there is no practice schedule to worry about. Check out an example of several more new finds I’ve hunted down on the feed lately and tell my again why you’ve had enough of the helicopter parents overly aggressively cheering for their 5-year old at the field. Put your incognito ear buds in and watch with a big smile. That’s what I do. Nobody ever asks and I never tell.

Mountain Thrower – Da Beach
These guys are back with a brand new album that continues on their modern take on the slightly psychedelic hard classic rock. The new one is even more poppy and with multiple listens shines as a diamond in the rough. Well worth checking into.
Like their last album, Mountain Thrower combine heaps of loud funky basslines, suave lyrics/vocals, and catchy guitar beats for a sarcastically sophisticated output of modern classic rock. I'm still feeling the Steve Miller influence on the new one but with their own attitude.

Hot Ram – Leave a Beautiful Corpse
I believe this was another Steve Rodger bandcamp feed find, and I cannot agree more. There is something special going on here with an enactment of heavy meets groovy, where the accessibility exists even for the fan that doesn’t normally delve into the sludge territory. Got my CD in the mail last week and have been loving this EP since inception.
 HOT RAM pile drives us though deep caverns of stoned out southern sludge where the groove is head banging, the riffs are serene, the bass is fuzzy and the atmosphere is overwhelmingly delightful. Toss in free shipping for the CD and you got a deal you can't afford not to make

Spiral – Ruins
I’ve been onto these guys for a few years since finding them on bandcamp. I get all the email updates and find them to be very unique in their approach. Always writing conceptual pieces that don’t follow a consistent style and it works. One thing that seems to be consistent is the Pink Floydian vibe you get when listening to the work. This latest offering is one of their more impressive albums and with more listens may end up being one of my favorites by them. Check out their large array of work including Aaron Frale (guitarist) books available on Amazon.
Strangely epic and most certainly intriguing heavy and trippy stoner metal. At times you're transported into a Pink Floyd dimension later to be dumped into a vortex of fuzzy riffs on the other end of time. This is truly unique and a band that deserves more attention. I haven't got to following along to the actual concept yet, as the music is so easy to drift away and get lost in. Favorite track: The Capital in Ruins.

Children of Atom – Children of Atom
Everyone needs to blow off some steam every now and then and what better way than some high energy rock n roll. Love the vocals, love the rhythm and love the attitude. Super fun one to take back to school and share with your friends.
Children of Atom bring us a high energy stoner groove loaded with beef-cake vocals, rug burning rhythm and swinging with a blues infused rockabilly funk. FFO Zed, Planet of Zeus, Clutch....

Vessel – Nostalgia
Brooding riff worship cloaked with hard-edged cosmic grunge engulfs the airwaves on a musical Vessel of metallic groove. Make no mistake, Nostalgia summons back your childhood nightmares with a low and slow assault of mystic harmony.

The Brunswick – Cathartes Aura
This one hit me like a ton of bricks upon first listen and still does today. Not bad for three Nashville country sidemen and session players/producers who decided to start a rock band on the side. I’m sure glad this beauty graced the bandcamp feed and landed in my lap. Go check it out. There is some serious talent going on right here. Now if I could just find out what their country projects consist of? The band member just told me this started out as a side project to have some fun. We’ll see where it goes from here.

I Am The Albatross – Desert Archaic
I’ll save the best for last. Not so much of a peep over at bandcamp although the album was just released last week, I Am The Albatross are out there doing something totally exquisite in the realms of dark Americana meets progressive rock. In the vein of the band Bask, whom are more into the metal realm, I Am the Albatross creates a link between folk and rock and does it like no other I’ve heard recently. I’ve listened to this probably more than any other album in the last couple weeks and am currently awaiting my vinyl pre-order which will display that gorgeous artwork. A worthy add to any collection.
I Am the Albatross are breaking all the boundaries with their progressive strain of Americana meets distorted Psychedelic rock. Stroking the listener with a heady combination of dark folk, bright eyed blues, and a penchant for intricate guitar lick mastery, Desert Archaic delivers a top tier album for fans of all things rock, folk, blues and Psych. The artwork says it all and very excited to receive my vinyl. Favorite track: Ladder of Rivers.

What the teachers aren’t telling you to gather for back to school supplies is a healthy supply of bandcamp albums. Fortify your collection for when times get tough. Keep one ear in the world of rock at soccer practice and the other to your children running aimlessly amongst the dandelions. No reason you can’t kill two birds with one stone. Think about it. It’s all at your fingertips and the music is only getting better out here in bonanza land.

-The Huntsman

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