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WOODHAWK "Strikes Back Tour" (AB/SK/BC) + Riff-tastic Debut "Beyond The Sun" Out Now!

Calgary' AB's masters of straight ahead riff-rock wizardry WOODHAWK will be hitting the road this September for their second Western Canadian tour (AB/SK/BC) (dates listed below) in support of their full length album 'Beyond The Sun' released this past April. The album was produced by the band with Jesse Gander (Bison, Japandroids) to follow their 2014 debut EP.  Made of equal parts 1970's Birmingham and a myriad of 21st century heavy who’s who, WOODHAWK are purveyors of riff-centric rock and roll. Capable and original, the band is able to craft anthemic fist-pumping songs while forgoing tired stoner rock clichés. With time travel tested themes of science fiction, swords and sorcery, the band’s lyrics are born from snowy winters, hot practice spaces and pages of dog-eared paperbacks. While the musicianship reinforces recollections of Black Sabbath, modern influences that have helped you smash air drums or highway speed limits are undeniably present.

The band comments:

"This tour sees us wrapping up our western Canada touring in support of Beyond The Sun. Western Canada is so good to us. A New Hope seemed to be a lot of people's favourite song off the album, so we thought it would be funny to pull another Star Wars reference out, with naming the tour Woodhawk Strikes Back."

'Beyond The Sun' album stream available on Bandcamp at

The album is available on digital, vinyl and CD.

The band's music video 'The High Priest' can be viewed at 
WOODHAWK Strikes Back Tour (AB/SK/BC)
Sept 3 - Calgary, AB - Atlantic Trap and Gil
Sept 8 - Lethbridge, AB - The Slice
Sept 9 - Regina, SK - The German Club
Sept 15 - Golden, BC - The Rockwater
Sept 16 - Vancouver, BC - The Astoria
Sept 23 - Kelowna, BC - Doc Willoughby's
Oct 7 - Edmonton, AB - UP+DT Festival - Downtown Edmonton Community League
Track Listing:
1. Beyond The Sun (3:57)
2. The High Priest (4:46)
3. Living In The Sand (6:03)
4. Magnetic North (4:13)
5. Lawless (3:06)
6. Quest For Clarity (4:14)
7. A New Hope (4:49)
8. Forsee The Future (2:12)
9. Chrononaut (5:19)

Woodhawk is:
Turner Midzain - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Badmington - Bass/Vocals
Kevin Nelson - Drums
For More Info:

"Beyond the Sun is incredibly infectious and memorable and right from the get go, you know that you are in for a ride. Even if for whatever reason you are in a bad mood, this record will straighten that out in a hurry as it has you nodding your head and belting the lyrics out with the vocalist in no time....a release that is easy to listen to and get into but isn’t easy to put down by any means. Once you begin listening you have a hard time tearing yourself away from your speakers." - Cadaver Garden

"“Beyond The Sun, is overflowing with everything one could want from a great stoner rock record, thick, rumbling bass tones, sizzling guitar fuzz and infectious, mid tempo riffage, making this the kind of album that is very hard to stop listening to" - The Sludgelord

"Woodhawk have a new album - Beyond The Sun - and it's one that ticks all right boxes if you're a serious fan of Stoner Rock. Taking influence from bands such as Kyuss, The Sword and Truckfighters. Woodhawk offer a refreshing style of Psych Stoner Metal with moments of Fuzz and Desert Rock that add extra grit to their music." - Outlaws of The Sun

"The whole album put me in a good mood. Although I am a fan of a more distorted and fuzz-y sounding stoner rock, this was a great cleaned up take...The killer trio band have really created their own rules. One of which is trying to throw out stoner rock stereotypes. And it’s working brilliantly for them. Beyond the Sun is exactly what one would expect from Woodhawk. Riffs and riffs and riffs and high energy drums and more riffs...Moral of the story: this is the perfect CD to pop on when you feel like dancing in your underwear while cleaning your room. I would recommend “Beyond the Sun” to anyone who would like a less distorted version of Red Fang. Which is definitely a compliment, for the record." - Bangs!

“As I was walking into the venue, I began hurrying up the stairs as their sound captured my attention right away and was quickly swept up into their thick pulse thumping guitars and huge powerhouse drum sound.” – Vancity Buzz

“Calgarian riff-riders Woodhawk kicked off the proceedings, hitting all the gritty notes with their raucous roadhouse metal. Propane and Jack flowed freely as the golden western trio woke all them witches with their thematic rock fury.” – Beatroute Magazine

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