Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Hellacopters Live At Debaser Strand

There was an enormous demand for tickets to this event and I’m not surprised. After all Hellacopters was an well known act before they threw in the towel. I liked the chosen venue because it gave us the special feeling club gigs all give us. The intimacy, the heat, the joy and all the bad smells.

Last year Hellacopters played Sweden Rock to celebrate that Supershitty To The Max was born 20 years ago. Many of us thought it was temporary but we have seen several bands continue after a one timer haven’t we?

Hellacopters announced their performance at Debaser as a celebration to Robert Dahlqvist, their former guitarist who tragically died earlier this year. The tickets sold out very fast and all the money was given to “Strängens” daughter Ingrid.

All the members excluding Kenny Håkansson, who was replaced by Sam Yaffa, were stoked when the curtains opened and the band started to play. You could tell they were aiming high to put out their loudest, most intense performance to date.

Just before the concert Debaser announced that there were some more tickets released and it was easy to notice. Never in my entire life have I experienced a more sweaty place. My jeans were soaking wet after a couple of songs and my forehead was dripping sweat.

The direction of the concert was focused on the early material and it sounded amazing. I thought Dregen did a very good job on the later material also. Toys And Flavours and I’m In The Band were other highlights. I missed songs like Baby Borderline and Riot on The Rocks but you can’t get everything. We were given Tab which I think is a very underrated song from Supershitty.

Born Broke, my favorite came early in the setlist. It’s a beautiful fuel injected diamond and it was performed with an intensity that was delightful to see. The band were giving me the feeling that they were having the time of their lives on stage and when Ghoul School was played the venue was nearly boiling over from the heat.

Despite the reason for the concert there were no speeches and no solo songs from Robert's record. The closest thing to a tribute was when Nicke said “There are a lot of emotions around here tonight, but I feel joy".

I left the concert with a grateful feeling of 'I was there', and I also think there will be more high octane garage rock in the near future.



1.         You Are Nothin'
2.         Born Broke
3.         Like No Other Man
4.         Random Riot
6.         Ferrytale
7.         The Devil Stole the Beat From the Lord
8.         Tab
9.         Ghoul School
10.       Hey!
11.       Disappointment Blues
12.       Move Right Out of Here
13.       My Mephistophelean Creed
14.       Soulseller
15.       Toys and Flavors
16.       I'm in the Band
17.       Spock in My Rocket
18.       By The Grace of God
19.       (Gotta Get Some Action) Now!

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