Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Julie The Band - An Act Of Communication

Hello waveriders.  Would you agree that the mark of truly great music is how much you enjoy listening to said music years after hearing it for the first time?  I'd say...what's that?  You think there is far more to designating music as "great" than just enjoyment over time?  Okay, that's a valid point but all I'm trying to do is introduce an album which I believe deserves greater attention years after release.  May I continue?  Much appreciated.

Rewinding time, back in 2011 I reviewed an EP entitled Wild As The Sky by Julie The Band.  I was captivated by the wonderful folk/pop/rock songs on that release.  Sadly Wild... turned out to be the band's final release but my relationship with JTB continued to flourish.  I sought out the two full length albums the group released before Wild... and that is why you're reading this today.  Excessive praise to begin in 3...2...1.

Holy lost classic ladies and gentlemen!  Back in 2008 JTB released An Act Of Communication.  Following that statement should be an account of the fame and riches which then cascaded down upon the band members, but unfortunately that is not the case.  Instead we have me, an obsessive music fan who strongly suggests that all of you reading this without question need to hear this record.

AAOC is an incredibly ambitious pop/rock album!  There are enormous melodies, big guitars, flashy horns, and fancy string accompaniments.  The fourteen songs on offer all have wonderful depth that reward repeat listening with a steady stream of new discoveries.  Also I want to specifically compliment the vocals.  Nathan Blumenfeld-James easily stands out thanks to the urgency his voice conveys.  Unlike many male pop vocalists I've encountered, Mr. Blumenfeld-James infuses his voice with an aggressive attitude I find greatly endearing.

This record is fantastic from start to finish!  I should note that I own the first edition of this album which begins with the song "LA Kids".  A second edition with a different running order and a remix of the song "Foggin' Up A Clear View" featuring Obie Trice came out in 2009.  I personally prefer the original song order but that's just my ears talking.

To sum up waveriders, listen to An Act Of Communication by Julie The Band as soon as humanly possible!  These songs deserve to be heard, and you deserve to hear them.


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