Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pain Tank - 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills

I so welcome Pain Tank to the world. They're kind of picking up the pieces from the magnificent Palkoski/The Seventh Gate, who sadly are no more. Extending the heritage of these two juggernauts and creating a natural continuation of what they did. Therefore Pain Tank’s compositions lets the music move along a new path, a new avenue, for this crazy amalgamation of grindcore, death metal and metal.

What spews out on this album is disharmonic yet harmonious mayhem; pounding, brutal and in-yer-face. Dealing with pain, suffering, depravity, killing and murder, there is no other way to portray the atrocities Pain Tank sings about. It has to be short, sharp and full of shock. And these degenerates have all this in abundance. While claustrophobia runs ragged, everything is intense and skull crushing aided by fantastic buzzsaw riffing. Kerchner’s furious fucked up singing add layer upon layer of the insanity already on display and propels the listener into the vortex of mania 97,901,726 unleashes.

During the 13 songs, which clocks in at just over 21 minutes, the themes mentioned earlier comes out in stories about war, street fighting, police brutality, a police state and man’s incurable desire for destruction…all in the name of corporate greed. Worldwide corporate business is funded/fueled by evil and war, so naturally global warfare is always going to be here. At the cost of the little man, of you and me and of Mother Earth. Total destruction!

Pain Tank are on point with their debut. Brutalities of war is not new but it is getting more elaborate and sinister. And it has moved away from country conquering country to corporation raping anyone they can in the name of a nickel. Business profit supersedes individuality meaning everyone, but a very few, are expendable. And Pain Tank brings this out with such ease. A fantastic debut by a force to be reckoned with, so take heed dear waveriders, and listen to what they say.


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