Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Monsters Who Want Your Money

We’ve got a fresh batch of monster albums just in! Hurry, get to your paypal and push the pay now button. Thank me later and then scold me for causing excessive wallet rash. Don’t worry its common place in the hard rock village of camp.

Geezer – Psychoriffadelia
So you thought their self-titled released in 2016 was trippy, wait till you hear the brand spanking new one. It’s also offered up in multiple packages via the Indiegogo campaign which is out to help generate money for the new album and a tour in Europe.
Not only does it live up to the album title but Psychoriffadelia devours all high expectations coming hot the whiskers of the self-titled released just last year. The Beard of Doom jams us with hot crusty psychedelia and slathers with distorted riffs hallucinating with a sinister twang. Favorite track: Stressknots.

Brother O’ Brother – Neon Native
Boy oh boy does Brother O’ Brother have a killer thing going on. Molten fuzz meets hard banging blues.
Brother O' Brother incorporate a rowdy punk energy within a signature delta blues based duo tone. Mean Fu Manchu fuzz meets a smoked out Jack White.

Electric Mountain – Electric Mountain
These guys have stormed the scene with this new album gaining the attention of all the regulars in bandcamp. Not only does it deserve the attention, but it is yearning for new ears such as yours reading right now. Check it out.
Sounding like the Sasquatch of the Mexican desert, Electric Mountain combine some of the most authentic Kyuss induced groove that side of the Rio Grande. Weighing in at over 5k tons of super fuzz distorted with equal amounts of head bobbing bass, upbeat rhythm, and vocals rivaling John Garcia, these young lads have showcased a rock solid stoner rock affair.

Operators – Revelers
What we have here folks is a fantastic new album by a band who should be huge. I’m hearing all sorts of influences ranging from 70’s classic rock, to 90’s grunge to modern alternative metal. This stuff is flat out amazing. Available on vinyl all over European stores now, don’t sleep on this band. I’m telling you now. It gets better with each listen.
The Operators operate the airwaves with retro driven intent showcasing a gravel packed vocal wail skirting the divide between NWOBHM and melodic stoner rawk. The riffs revel with intensity and the groove tangles the listener between bluesy solos and punk rock energy staking claim as a modern day version of Deep Purple.

The Ossuary – Post Mortem Blues
This one came out early in the year and I can still remember the first time I heard the promo. I was totally blown away. The guitar tones are tremendously heavy, razor sharp and outweigh all others on the same playlist. The vocals are very strong and the overall vibe screams early Doom without overemphasizing any particular niche. For whatever reason it took me a couple months to finally order the vinyl, which is still available and limited which results in another fine album competing for top 10 honors for heavy album of the year. Don’t pass up on The Ossuary, it may be THE most underrated album of the year at this point.

The Big Motif – Does it Weigh Heavy
This album was apparently released some years ago and I am just getting around to discovering it. Loaded with succulent blues grooving at lounge room pace the vibes are chill and the riffs are hot. A blues album at heart, This thing not only weighs heavy but it’ll bring you to your knees pleading for another round of aural stimulation.  I am certainly investigating these guys full bore at the moment and really dig this name your price album.

It’s a new week, a new batch of records, and a fresh perspective on the state of the heavy underground. It’s thriving. You all should know that by now. What are you waiting for; immerse yourself into the wormhole of rock n roll pleasure known as bandcamp.

-The Huntsman

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