Friday, May 19, 2017

Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid

Greetings waveriders.  Today I have something a little different to present for your listening pleasure.  The Impossible Kid is the latest album from Aesop Rock.  Aesop Rock is an incredibly gifted hip-hop emcee/producer.  If you've been reading The Ripple Effect regularly you might recognize his name.  Back in November of 2016 I reviewed an album entitled Bestiary by Hail Mary Mallon, a group composed of Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz.  I love that album and would willingly use it as a straightforward introduction to this new solo work if I could.  The Impossible Kid however is an entirely different animal.

What makes this album different from other hip-hop albums you might hear, let alone Bestiary?  Good question.  First and foremost is the lyrical content and delivery.  If you want to hear the next good time jam or party anthem this is not your stop.  On second thought, I shouldn't say that.  What do I know?  Aesop Rock weaves intricate tales of adulthood, introspection, and melancholy that may in fact be just what your upcoming shindig requires to make it truly legendary!

Anyway, the subject matter covered by these fifteen tracks is often highly sobering.  I particularly appreciate songs like "Blood Sandwich" which examines vivid memories of Aesop's brothers and "Shrunk" which breaks down a combative back and forth between Aesop and a psychologist.  "Rings", "Lotta Years", and "Dorks" each reflect on mortality in their own unique way.  "Defender" is ostensibly about taking part in a neighborhood watch and then there's "Kirby", an epic and awesome ode to Aesop's cat.  "Shrunk" and "Lotta Years" happen to be my favorite tracks on the album.

Waveriders I know that you've come across reviews which proclaim that a particular album is "mature".  My friends, I'm here to tell you that The Impossible Kid is the perfect example of a "mature" work from an accomplished artist.  Aesop Rock has produced a collection of tunes that will provoke serious thought.  Add to that the extremely groovy production and we've got a winner!  Get your copy and start contemplating today!


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