Saturday, April 1, 2017

Reserve Release of Limited Mothership "High Strangeness" , Crown of Lies 7" and Test Pressing-- Today!

The initial release sold out in under 24 hours with many clamoring for another chance.  Here it is!  We always keep a portion of the stock in reserve for lost/damage replacement.  Now it's time to let them go.  If you missed out on getting a Rapture or Mindbender Edition, now's your chance.   Saturday, April 1st 7am PST we will let the reserves go.  Don't miss out again, there will NOT be another.

Another instant sell out, time now to release the reserves of the Crown of Lies 7" in all three editions and one, single, solitary TEST press.  These will not be repressed, so jump on board.
Mothership "High Strangeness" TEST press!!  Yes, we held a couple of these back in reserve as well until we knew that the orders arrived safe and sound. Time to release our reserve of the rarest Mothership vinyl out there.   Saturday 7am PST

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