Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Skunked

Good god damn, what a freaking week in camp. Dozens of fantastic finds. We even had a skunk spraying noise from the darkness. Check out a few albums harvested within scamp this week.

The Riven – Blackbird
Super fun rock n roll anthems chocked with grooves galore and vocals that chop like an Iron Chef on a head of cabbage. Head bob enticing licks aplenty showing much promise to an up and coming band rising to the surface in a sea of stoner saturation.

Mountain Thrower – Mountain Thrower
Not only do these guys kick major ass on this older album but they have a new one due up later this year. One to definitely keep your eyes on.
These guys are fantastic. Another instance where a band I love recommends a band they love and you fall hard for it. Very 70's indeed with some modern psych effects and littered with classic southern rock riffs and solos. Like a mish mash of Steve Miller Band and The Allman Brothers. Very excited for their new album dropping this year. Keep your ears tuned. Sure to be big. Thanks to Mark of 'Freedom Hawk' for the recommendation.

Orbital Express – Light Years From Home
This one ticks all the right boxes. Heavy 80’s metal vibes with a hard rock punch, razor sharp guitar riffs, and a modern metallic groove that takes the band one step beyond just throwing it back to the good old days. Bits of NWOBHM, elements of stoner rock, and a whole lot of hell ya going on. Proto-metal is alive and well. This is killer.

Riff Fist – King Tide
Well you guessed it; the riffs punch you in the face, knock you to the ground and pummel you slimy waves of fuzz laden heavy punk. The riffs are phat, the bass is voluptuous and the vocals don’t give two shits about what you think. They are here to make a statement. That statement is rock n mutha fucking roll. Raise your glass and your fist because the night is still young and we’ve got some tires to burn.

Bionic Cavemen – Reactor
These guys just flat out rock. If you were lucky enough to be in on the secret with the release of their first album Predator released back in 2013 then you know what I’m talking about.
Riffs of mammoth proportions served up raw with primitive blues that grind scars of distorted fuzz against callused vocal chords to reveal one fine piece of vintage rock ass!

We all knew it was inevitable. If you hang outside long enough you will eventually become victim to the rancid spray of a skunk. Today (4/20) my friends SKUNK based in Oakland, CA released their debut full length album and the rest is history. No need for tomato juice, you’ll actually be rallying for an encore of steamy scent.
Skunked out Sabbath riffage fumigates with a putridly punk rock vocal assault. The Zeppelinesque bluesy swagger hooks you with its deep piercing groove and the solos gas the airwaves with a venom of lethal fuzz

What a week and that just scratches the surface of the excitement of a typical day in bandcamp. Happy 4/20 for those who are reading this a couple days ago. Not only did we not get skunked we just simply ran out of time trying to figure out which one was our favorite. Too many to count.

-The Huntsman

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