Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Obsessed

Last round I came at you with a late April fool’s joke and all that really said was that I am OBSESSED! No two ways about it, I’m running out of room on my record shelves at home and luckily my house is big and there are open walls and at this rate they’ll someday be covered in god damn shelves with stacks of records. My friends don’t understand, my wife has given up, and my appetite has destructed into an out of control spiral equivalent to that of a great grandma addicted to the QVC network. The difference is she is old and you can’t listen to turquoise jewelry sets.  Take a gander at some physical items available in camp just asking for your soul.

The Obsessed – Sacred
You called it, why not start off with an accurately titled album that has the heavy community in a fit of celebration. The Obsessed have released their first album in a looooong time. The legendary Scott Wino Weinrich holds no barred in the all-out assault on classic doom rotted heavy rock and roll. The production is pristine with every instrument taking form as front and center with Wino’s patented riff explosions and relevant lyrics, Sacred will no doubt end up as one of the best albums of the year, and it’s yours for the taking on vinyl right now, right here!

Sons of Morpheus – Nemesis
Kick ass heavy poppy blues with a groove that’ll make the QOTSA jealous. I grabbed both LPs as the shipping saved me like a fucking dollar or something. Always gotta be thinking smart.
Nemesis is fully loaded with a high caliber raucous blues rock heavy as it is catchy. Equal parts poppy blues meets shit kickin', space trippin' grungy groove . Favorite track: All of the Above

Seriously not a bad track on the latest album, its long and it just keeps impressing with every song change. Getting better and better.

Six Sigma – Tuxedo Brown
Not only do these guys have a cool album title and a rad band name, but the artwork screams for your attention and the riffs beg to be caressed by your ear drums.
Downright raucous fuzz staggered with hard edged riffs in the tone of Fu Manchu and dressed with the sweet home harmony of Five Horse Johnson.

Monobrow – The Nacarat
I’ve got a crush on Monobrow even though I’ve been vocal about not caring so much for instrumental bands in general. These guys are the exception. I was approached by the band to write some words about the new album which you can read in their description on bandcamp. What a fun experience. The album is killer and offered in a hand numbered limited edition LP with booklet as well as just the plain old LP.
Monobrow have shed their riff lashes and shape-shifted their reflection in the form of a brand new concept album. ‘The Nacarat’ is their most ambitious work to date and continues on the progression of monstrously metallic hooks treading with progressive blues and exploding by way of class warfare. The Nacarat bridges the gap of instrumental stoner rock and downright lethal doom-laden ecstasy with a trail of fuzz so thick and groovy you’ll forget which side of the brow you reside

Sasquatch – Rational Woman 7” Single
I haven’t even heard this yet, but sometimes you just know. I pre-ordered solely based on fear of the almighty Sasquatch bumbling down from the mountain and eating me out of shear hunger and disappointment. At least now when I am swallowed neither of us will be disappointed. Provided I’ve heard the single in time. Sasquatch are legendary in their own right and it’s been some time since we’ve heard the fuzz lacerate our every nerve. Rumor has it album number V is in the works. Until then be a rational woman and pre-order your copy of 500. That sounds like a lot but when you step back and think about it, only 500 of these on the planet. That is like a needle in a haystack but heavier, groovier, and more ass kicking potential.

Ten Foot Wizard – Sleeping Volcanoes
This album was one of my very favorite albums of 2015. When I woke up the other morning at 5:00am and checked my emails I noticed that there was one from Ten Foot Wizard showcasing the availability of a heavy weight LP right from their bandcamp page, where I’ve been representing them since the release. Of course I bought the album again in physical format this time and am thoroughly excited for it to arrive. They also have a new 7-inch single out, and are working on a new full length hopefully due out by the end of the year. Get em both, save on shipping!!
One of the grooviest, grittiest, most badass hard rock albums of the year. Addictively melodic riffs, tantalizing vocal chops, and soaring atmospheric blues erupt into a cloud of psychedelic solos galore. For fans of Clutch, Black Cowgirl, Grifter, Bonehawk.....
Edit: Re-purchased on vinyl as the tall wizard intended. (4-10-17)

Take out a loan if you have to. Join the compulsive side of life. YOLO. It’ll make me feel better about myself and it will make you feel better about the size of your vinyl stack. You know what they say about the size of your collection? Well, the bigger, the more OBSESSED you must be.

-The Huntsman

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