Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Don’t Get Fooled Again

Regretfully I must tell you there are no more good albums on bandcamp. I just can’t seem to find anything good at all to listen to especially this past week.  This is all I seemed to rummage up in the barren lands of camp. Bandcamp sucks, rock is dead, and I think I’m going to give up and just start listening to the top 40 radio with the rest of society. It’s just so much less effort and easy on my brain.

APRIL FOOLS!!! Check out these rippers.

Mountains – Dust in the Glare
This one will have you hooked the moment the first riff kicks in which is immediately and it does not let up for the duration. The craggy riffs soar over blazing psych and swoon with silky vocals polished with dust and glaring with metallic groove.

The Wizards – Full Moon in Scorpio
This one just came up through the promo pipeline and is available for pre-order right now. The debut album left fans wanting more with an intriguing blend of retro rock meets heavy blues in the key of Danzig. The new one is perhaps less Danzig worship and heavier on the massive bluesy solos and gritty punk rock meets stony new wave power metal. Be on the lookout for the release of this incredible new album.

Desert Suns / Chiefs – Second Coming of Heavy Chapter 5
The series has already proven to be a necessity in the realm of heavy vinyl splits and Chapter 5 is no exception. The pairings on the split series have been nothing short of perfection. Desert Suns sandblasts side A with bluesy, fuzzy, erotic groove throttling the heart rate to an intoxicated state with three scorchers approaching 7 minute territory. Side B features Chiefs who bring us 5 songs of straight up groove. The vocals are clean, mean and matched with distorted fuzz polished like the bowls of Burnside Skate Park.   

Humulus – Reverently Heading Into Nowhere
Not only is the cover artwork massive, but the music is expansively catchy and addictive as well.
Reverently Heading Into Nowhere, graciously warps us into a parallel dimension radiating with heavy psychedelic fuzz, stampeding riffs and staggering groove. Vocals hit the auditory G-spot stimulating an ongoing eargasmic sensation sure to keep you glued to your headphones.

Woodhawk – Beyond the Sun
Woodhawk has been on my radar for some time. Ever since their EP hit the streets a couple years ago there was an evident attraction with their ability to crunch out catchy, heavy, and addictive riffs. Their debut full length hits the streets in a few weeks and I received a full promo copy of the album to sample, which led to the pre-order of the vinyl edition within finishing song one. The teaser track is a good representation of what to expect. Expect big riffs, powerful groove and killer vocal tones. Who knows with the vinyl pre-order, you may even get it early.
These are the kinds of riffs that induce fully flexed fist pumps, deep sultry hell ya's, and neck breaking head bangs. The catchy grooves alone are fit for an eternal desert island soundtrack circulating beyond the sun on its matching slab of 12" wax. Woodhawk are remastering the stoner rawk handbook with anthemic riffs, no frills fuzz, and balls to the wall chops.

Bask – Asleep in the Orchard
I’ve had a copy of this album for several weeks now and am at a loss for words at how incredibly amazed I’ve been with it. Bask have been hard at work coming off their incredible debut American Hollow released back in 2014 where they showcased their unique blend of tripped out Americana meets stoner doom. It doesn’t work on paper, but what the band is able to do with their sound is mind blowing. Asleep in the Orchard maintains that one of a kind earthy atmosphere, whimsical vocals, and deep brooding psych that traverses the progressive metal map winding towards a spiritual plateau of ghastly riffs meet angelic harmony worthy of your utmost attention.

If that doesn’t keep you occupied for a while with a big fat smile on your face, then I give up. It may have been April Fools last Saturday but you’d be a fool to miss out on these bad boys.

 -The Huntsman

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